Interim Chancellor Vita C.Rabinowitz
Vita C. Rabinowitz

Interim Chief Operating Officer
Marc V. Shaw

Interim Executive Vice Chancellor and University Provost
Jane P. Bowers

Senior Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer
Matthew Sapienza

Vice Chancellor for Facilities Planning, Construction and Management
Judith Bergtraum

Vice Chancellor for University Advancement
Brigette A. Bryant

Vice Chancellor & University Chief Information Officer
Brian Cohen

Interim Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
Margaret Egan

Senior Advisor to the Chancellor and Secretary to the Board of Trustees
Gayle Horwitz

General Counsel and Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs
Loretta Martinez

Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Christopher Rosa

Vice Chancellor for Labor Relations
Pamela S. Silverblatt

University Executive Registrar
Vivek Upadhyay

University Offices

205 E 42nd Street
New York, NY 10017