Burton Sacks

Burton Sacks

Deputy Vice Chancellor for Operations, Office of University Relations

Burton Sacks, the former chief executive of the Board of Education of the City of New York and the former senior assistant to the president of the United Federation of Teachers, joined City University of New York as Deputy Chief Operating Officer for Management Services in 2008.

Mr. Sacks reports to the Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer. As the Deputy Chief Operating Officer for Management Services, he holds a high level University position with broad based responsibilities and University-wide assignments. In furtherance of the Chancellor’s goal of creating a more integrated University, he serves as an internal consultant assigned to support the Chancellery and campus executives in accomplishing strategic initiatives. As the primary planning and implementation official supporting the Executive Vice Chancellor’s efforts to provide management services to the Chancellery and campus executives, Mr. Sacks works collaboratively with the Chancellery and campus executives to provide intellectual and conceptual leadership on the delivery of quality University-wide solutions. He plans interventions in a broad range of areas and works with Presidents to insure the development and measurement of best management practices and partners with them to develop comprehensive management strategies for a variety of projects.

In his 33 years with the New York City Board of Education, Sacks served under five chancellors and for a decade, from 1992 through 2002, was its chief executive. During his tenure, he had direct responsibility for the Office of Community School District Affairs, the Office of Monitoring, the Office of Special Projects, Nonpublic School Reimbursable Programs, Office of Zoning, Office of Student Safety and Prevention Programs and the Office of Charter Schools. He also was the liaison for the New York City Police Department’s Office of School Safety. In his work for the New York City Board of Education, Mr. Sacks supervised employees and oversaw and monitored budgets while acting as a liaison to the community school districts. After leaving the board in 2002, he became the senior adviser to the president of the United Federation of Teachers. He held that post until coming to CUNY.

Mr. Sacks holds a professional diploma in educational administration from Yeshiva University. In addition to a bachelor’s degree and two master’s degrees from Long Island University, he did post-graduate study at New York University’s Graduate School for Public Administration.