Donna Linderman, University Dean for Student Success Initiatives

Donna Linderman

University Dean for Student Success Initiatives

Donna Linderman is the University Dean for Student Success Initiatives in the City University of New York (CUNY) Office of Academic Affairs. Her portfolio includes a broad array of CUNY-wide programs designed to support the academic preparation and degree success of students across the pre- and post-matriculation continuum. Her programs include: Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP), a nationally recognized associate degree completion program currently serving 21,000 students across nine CUNY colleges (and expanding to 25,000 students in 2018/19); Accelerate, Complete, and Engage (ACE), a four-year baccalaureate version of ASAP currently being piloted at CUNY’s John Jay College; CUNY Start/Math Start, pre-matriculation programs for students with significant remedial needs in reading, writing, and math designed to eliminate or significantly reduce remedial need before they enter CUNY degree programs that will serve 5,500 students in 2018/19; CUNY Educate, Develop, Graduate, and Empower (EDGE), a degree completion program for public assistance recipients currently serving 3,000 students at 18 CUNY colleges; CUNY Literacy and Language Programs, which deliver basic education, high school equivalency instruction, and intensive English language instruction to 10,000 students each year across 14 CUNY colleges; and the Fostering College Success Initiative (FCSI), a new residential program with wraparound support services for foster care youth pursuing a CUNY degree.

Dean Linderman also oversees ASAP’s national replication efforts through provision of technical assistance for community colleges aiming to replicate ASAP (currently in Ohio, California, and New York). She is regularly asked to speak at national conferences and convenings focused on community college completion and her written work has appeared in several education journals and conference proceedings. She was formerly the University Director of the CUNY Middle Grades Initiative/GEAR UP program, served as an Assistant Professor of Theater and Education at Brooklyn College, and has also taught at Lehman College. Before entering academia, she worked professionally in the theater as an actor, director, and dramaturg.

She holds a B.F.A. in drama from the University of Southern California, an M.F.A. in theater from Brooklyn College, and is currently pursuing a doctorate in higher education administration at Northeastern University.