The Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) oversees CUNY’s University policies. OAA leads initiatives for raising academic quality, improving student success and providing New Yorkers with equal access to quality education.

The Office of Budget and Finance provides strategic, responsible and effective leadership, management, and reporting of The City University of New York’s financial and budgetary resources.

The Office of Communications and Marketing represents the CUNY brand image. Talented teams of web designers, graphic artists, audio creators and editorial specialists maintain the image of quality, creativity and design that CUNY symbolizes.

The Office of Computer and Information Services (CIS) builds, upgrades and maintains the University’s digital network. Other roles include supporting enterprise applications, operating the University Data Center and leading the development of CUNYfirst.

This office develops programs for occupational training and development paths to prepare New Yorkers for the modern labor market.

The Division of Enrollment Management collaborates with the 24 CUNY colleges to design ideal strategies, priorities and policies for student enrollment.

The Office of Environmental, Health, Safety and Risk Management is responsible for fostering a safe and healthy environment among the CUNY community.

The Office of Executive Search and Evaluation is responsible for finding the best candidates nationwide to fill executive positions at CUNY.

The Facilities Planning, Construction and Management Office is responsible for the development and operation of CUNY facilities. The office oversees construction costs, maintenance projects and renovations.

The Office of Health and Human Services assists CUNY schools in preparing a large and culturally diverse pool of qualified staff for areas such as nursing, physical therapy, dental hygiene and more.

The Office of Human Resources Management is responsible for developing guidelines and standards for employees as well as enforcing federal, state and local employment laws.

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment evaluates current academic programs and student progress to keep CUNY policies and programs up to date.

The Office of Internal Audit & Management Services provides the University with management analyses through the performance of financial, compliance, and quality assurance appraisals.

CUNY’s Office of Labor Relations negotiates collective bargaining agreements with different faculty and staff unions and handles grievances and disciplinary actions.

The Office of the General Counsel and Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs is counsel to the Board of Trustees and the University, providing legal assistance and advice for CUNY.

The Office of Library Services, overseen by the University Dean for Libraries and Information Resources, works with campus librarians to coordinate and enhance library services.

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research is dedicated to promoting and supporting research that both enhances CUNY’s mission and stimulates economic development.

The Office of Research, Evaluation, and Program Support (REPS) within SUD investigates issues of college access, college success, career-readiness, and educational equity among students and other populations in NYC.

The Office of Undergraduate Studies analyzes student learning outcomes to increase retention and graduation rates and promote excellence in undergraduate education.

The Office of the University Registrar serves to ensure academic integrity by communicating institutional policies to CUNY colleges.

The Central Office of Student Affairs is responsible for University programs such as Athletics, Career Development and Student Housing. Services offered are designed to empower and motivate students as they work to achieve their academic goals.