Entering Expense Location Details on an Expense Report

As part of the Statewide Financial System (SFS) bi-yearly updates, starting August 21st 2017, Expense Reports for Senior Colleges will contain a new link called “Expense Location Details” required by SFS. Senior Colleges Expense Users will not be able to submit an Expense Report unless all required fields are completed.

For Standardization purposes, Community College Expense Users will also be required to enter these fields instead of using the Comment section field at the header of the Expense Report and will not be able to submit an Expense Reports unless the expense location details are all populated.

All approvers must ensure all 8 fields on Expense Location Details Page are completed prior to approval.

How to Enter an Expense Location Detail

In CUNYfirst, navigate to: Main Menu > Employee Self-Service > Travel and Expense Center. Under Expense Report, click on Create

Copy from a Travel Authorization as usual by clicking “Select” or Create a new expense report by clicking on the “Return to Expense Report Entry“.

Create an Expense Report graphic

Notice the new ‘Expense Location Details’ hyperlink. Click on it.

Expense Report Entry Expense Location Details graphic

Click on OK. Save For Later or Submit the Expense Report.