The Investment Office is responsible for managing CUNYs Long Term Investment Pool (LTIP) and its Short-Term Investment Pool (STIP). Both Pools operate under a Board of Trustees approved investment policy including separate asset allocation strategies. The objective of the LTIP is to provide relatively predictable and stable annual spending, while preserving and enhancing the assets for future generations of students. The objective of the STIP is to provide a return greater than that achievable through investments in common money market funds with minimal risk. The STIP looks to achieve this through separate short- intermediate- and long-term maturity investments intended to increase diversification and expected return. The Investment Office is engaged in the on-going due diligence of existing and prospective managers, including the negotiation of manager guidelines, fees and execution of related legal documents. It also manages the on-going administration, accounting and client service for the Pool’s participating colleges and foundations.

Visit the Resources page to access guidance documents on CUNY’s investment policies and guidelines.

Key Staff

Thomas Zhou, University Executive Treasurer
Janet Krone
, University Executive Chief Investment Officer

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Mail: 230 West 41st Street – 5th Floor, New York, New York, 10036