This website has 2 distinct purposes: To provide a consolidated, ongoing site to access Blackboard support resources and training materials, and to provide information on CUNY’s ongoing efforts to upgrade and develop Blackboard to meet the instructional mission of CUNY.

Support Resources

User Guides has links to documentation and videos created by CUNY schools, the Blackboard Training Task Force, and Blackboard, Inc. This information covers many standard features of the Blackboard Learning Management System as well as information on specific tools enabled by CUNY.

The Workshop Schedules page contains links to Blackboard workshops held at individual campuses.

We hope you find this website and its resources useful. If you have any questions, your local campus Blackboard administrator can help.


Overseeing Blackboard administration at CUNY is a Steering Committee comprised of campus Blackboard Administrators and Faculty from a variety of campuses, in partnership with CIS’ Project Management Office and Application Support teams. Three task forces have also been created to make sure that training materials are available, the system is fully tested, and the project is appropriately communicated at the campuses. The Steering Committee and the three Task Forces also work closely with CUNY’s Blackboard Subcommittee of the Committee on Academic Technology and the Blackboard Management Council in order to receive their contributions and communicate back to the campus representatives news of various committee activities. These groups convene as needed when new Blackboard development projects warrant.

Important user account and course information

User accounts are created based on data in CUNYfirst, the university-wide information management system. Faculty and staff accounts are generally available 48 – 72 hours after CUNYfirst record has been completed by the home campus.

The default course size is 750 MB. Campus Blackboard support can request to increase the size/quota of a specific course if needed to one of the following tiers: Tier 2: 1.5 GB or Tier 3: 3.0 GB.

Course shells for the upcoming semester are created based on the following schedule:

  • Upcoming Fall semester: starting 1st Wednesday of June
  • Upcoming Spring semester: Starting 1st Wednesday of November
  • Upcoming Summer semester: Starting 1st Wednesday of April