The following is a list of currently known issues and possible workarounds to resolve these issues. If you encounter any additional issues, please bring them to the attention of your campus Blackboard Administrator.

Area of IssueKnown IssueWorkaround
Text EditorCopy and Paste in the Text Editor may not work as expected.

Browsers do not allow you to copy and right-click to paste in text editor

If using Firefox you can copy and paste using the HTML mode in the text editor. All other supported browsers should work as expected although you may have to copy and paste from notepad.

Copy: CRTL + C

Paste: CTRL + V

Grade CenterHorizontal Scroll Bar Missing from Grade Center on Mac OS


Go to your System Preferences and click "General"

Select the radio button "Always" below "Show scroll bars"

Inline GradingFiles uploaded larger than 1 MB have issues displaying properly in the Crocodoc viewer of Inline Grading. Also large size images do not keep format within documentDownload document and view in Microsoft Word for corrections and comments
AssignmentsStudent submissions that contain special characters (e.g., colon, hash) are not downloadable/viewable.Avoid special characters in filenames. Use letters, numbers, and underscore. Give proper file extensions (e.g., .doc or .docx for an MS Word document)
Global Navigation PaneMissing My Grades Icon When a course is disabled and user enrollments are enabled, the user’s My Grades icon does not show in the My Blackboard menu.

Students have to check each individual course for grades.

Course > Tools > My Grades

Safe Assignment

Unable to Upload Safe Assignment


Receiving Error Code: "Sorry, we do not think you are logged in to Safe Assign"

Internet browser has Privacy settings that block cookies

For Internet Explorer:
Click on Internet Options > Privacy
Change the setting to "Accept All Cookies"

For Firefox:
Click on Tools > Options > Privacy
Select "Accept cookies from sites"
Select "Accept third-party cookies"
Change "Keep until" to "they expire"

Click on Safari > Preferences > Security
Change "Accept cookies" setting it "Always" or Choose "Never" block cookies depending on your browser version

Safe Assignment Error Message

"No File has been Specified"

Document is missing file extension


File extension is hidden (Mac Users)

Rename the file to include the extension ".doc" or ".docx" on the end and resubmit the document. In the Save As window, deselect "Hide Extension" box