Yearly upgrades

CUNY Blackboard environment is updated once a year to the latest stable release of the application. This process takes place at the end of the Fall semester between Christmas and New Year.

Course creation

Course shells for the upcoming semester are created based on the following schedule (subject to adjustment for maintenance):

  • Upcoming Fall semester: starting 1st Wednesday of June
  • Upcoming Spring semester: Starting 1st Wednesday of November
  • Upcoming Summer semester: Starting 1st Wednesday of April

User account creation

User accounts are created based on data in CUNYfirst, the university-wide information management system. Faculty and staff accounts are generally available 48 – 72 hours after CUNYfirst record has been completed by the home campus.

A record will NOT be passed to Blackboard for any of the following reasons:

  • The affiliation code (e.g. 01-City, 02-Baruch, etc.) is undefined
  • The first or last name is blank
  • The role (Faculty/Staff/Student) is blank
  • The SSN is blank or non-numeric
  • The SSN is on an ‘exclude’ list
  • The birth date is blank or non-numeric (no additional validation)
  • There’s no email address;  the email address is malformed (e.g. missing @, or  missing name  or domain), or contains characters other than letters, digits,  period (.),  underscore (_), or dash (-) .  Any colons (:) found in a field are converted to spaces.