Prior to adding a new record to CUNYfirst, the Search/Match process is run to identify existing records for that person.Once it is verified that no record of this person appears across CUNY, a new individual may be added to CUNYfirst. Biographical details are captured and may later be updated, as needed.

Campus Community is the core of CUNYfirst Campus Solutions. It provides a pathway to access of data that is shared by offices across the campus. CUNYfirst allows administrators to view student information from the student’s point of view by navigating to the Student Services Center. The Student Services Center is an administrative ‘dashboard’, a single point of entry to view a wide range of student data. The pages associated with Student Services Center provide a very similar view to the Student Center that is accessed by students using Self Service.

Campus Community users may view details of all positive and negative service indicators. With security access, Users may assign, edit and release service indicators individually or in a batch. With additionally security access, all service indicator activity may be audited.

Students in a Student Group may be listed using selection criteria. A student may be activated or inactivated in a student group manually. Selection criteria may be used to identify those students to be added to or deleted from a student group in batch.

Under FERPA regulations, institutions can release directory information about a student, provided the student has reasonable opportunity to prohibit, in writing, the disclosure of such information. FERPA regulations define which items qualify as directory information; however, each college or school must identify and make known which items it plans to publish or share as directory information. Campus Community users may view or identify the information that a student allows and restricts CUNY from publication.

The CUNYfirst Campus Community module includes functionality for updating Health Records, which is used to track immunization status.

Designated campus Veteran’s Affairs (VA) representatives can make updates to students’ Military Status, and employees will report their Military Status updates to their designated HR representative. A student who is also an employee will be responsible for providing the appropriate updates to both campus and HR representatives.