CUNY applications and services require maintenance to make enhancements/upgrades or to execute specific business processes. Service maintenance is scheduled for a set period of time typically called a maintenance window. Application and service maintenance can be further characterized as follows:

  • Some maintenance is recurring and the corresponding maintenance windows are scheduled in advance; other maintenance is performed on an as-needed basis.
  • User access to the application or service may be blocked, in whole or in part, depending on the maintenance activity involved.


The following tabbed sections list the recurring service maintenance windows for specific CUNY-wide applications and services.

Blackboard has reserved a weekly service maintenance window on Friday mornings from 2-6am (Eastern Time) for as-required maintenance, upgrade or enhancement activities. Significant Blackboard system upgrades and maintenance activities are usually scheduled between the end of the fall semester and the start of the winter session.

The Blackboard community is notified in advance whenever CIS and the Blackboard hosting service provider need to conduct service maintenance activities for both the weekly and yearly maintenance windows.

CUNYfirst has two recurring service maintenance windows each month: monthly maintenance and month-end financial close.

Monthly maintenance
The CUNYfirst hosting service provider schedules a 24-hour maintenance window once a month starting Saturday at 7pm (Eastern Time). Users cannot access CUNYfirst until the maintenance activities have completed, although the maintenance activities usually finish and access is restored before 7pm on Sunday.

Month-end financial close
CUNY conducts month-end financial closing processes on the last weekday of each month starting at 9pm (Eastern Time) and typically ending by 1am the next morning. Unless otherwise noted, users cannot access CUNYfirst Campus Solutions (CS) and Human Resources (HCM) functions during this time.

Users can find the schedule of CUNYfirst service maintenance windows in the table that follows.

2019January197 pm24 hoursMonthly Maintenance
January319 pm4 hoursMonth-end Financial Close **
February237 pm24 hoursMonthly Maintenance
February289 pm4 hoursMonth-end Financial Close **
March237 pm24 hoursMonthly Maintenance
March299 pm4 hoursMonth-end Financial Close
April277 pm24 hoursMonthly Maintenance
April309 pm4 hoursMonth-end Financial Close
May187 pm24 hoursMonthly Maintenance
May319 pm4 hoursMonth-end Financial Close
June227 pm24 hoursMonthly Maintenance
June309 pm4 hoursMonth-end Financial Close
July207 pm24 hoursMonthly Maintenance
Julytbd9 pm4 hoursMonth-end Financial Close
August247 pm24 hoursMonthly Maintenance
Augusttbd9 pm4 hoursMonth-end Financial Close
September217 pm24 hoursMonthly Maintenance
Septembertbd9 pm4 hoursMonth-end Financial Close
October197 pm24 hoursMonthly Maintenance
Octobertbd9 pm4 hoursMonth-end Financial Close
November237 pm24 hoursMonthly Maintenance
Novembertbd9 pm4 hoursMonth-end Financial Close
December147 pm24 hoursMonthly Maintenance
Decembertbd9 pm4 hoursMonth-end Financial Close

** Campus Solutions (CS) and Human Resources (HCM) functions will remain available during this month-end close.

The Office of Library Services has reserved a weekly service maintenance window on Tuesday mornings from 6-9am (Eastern Time) for as-required maintenance, upgrade or enhancement activities.

The Office of Library Services provides advance notification to the library services community whenever maintenance interrupts online systems’ availability.