The Office of Communications and Marketing offers marketing and branding services to the CUNY community and to external clients.

The office has considerable expertise in higher education marketing, including all levels of conceptualizing and managing multifaceted internal and external advertising campaigns across all media, including print, broadcast and the Web. Consulting services are available. Branding is a key part of marketing and our skilled professionals are available to help develop your brand – one that will capture your audience’s attention and establish an instantly recognizable identity. Fonts, colors, visual density and proportions all play a part in creating the logotype that will represent you and your organization. Your logotype should communicate your organization’s identity even before any reading of words begins, and should be remembered by your audience long after its initial contact.

To start your project, ensure a promotable brand and streamline the design process, we’d like to know about your group, its mission and your goals for how it should be perceived by potential audiences.

University Identity

To encourage consistency in presentations of the University’s graphic identity, and to support CUNY colleges’ and outside media’s efforts toward this goal, we have developed the CUNY Brand Book as a guide to using our logotype. The book provides rules and production standards for incorporating our brand into various projects, for its best reproduction.

We also provide University-approved digital art files of our primary logotypes and campaign graphics for both print (vector 4c eps) and Web (72 dpi rgb jpegs) use.

Some CUNY colleges have provided their identity graphics for our online archive. For those colleges that have not, please contact the communications officers of those campuses for their most up-to-date brand materials.

CUNY campaign graphics are updated annually and will appear the month prior to the campaign’s launch. For more information, contact Daniel Shure, Manager for Creative and Web Services,

Style Book

The Style Guide for The City University of New York is intended to provide consistency in the presentation of material on a growing number of informational platforms. Consistency aids clarity and established style preferences save time for all who are preparing material. Punctuation, capitalization and, at times, even grammar and spelling, are matters of editorial preference rather than rules. The University Style Guide can help establish consistency in content.