College Now

College Now is CUNY’s largest collaborative program with the New York City secondary public school system. The program offers dual enrollment in high school and college as well as college-readiness programs in more than 400 New York City high schools, enrolling over 20,000 students annually. Although the 17 campus-based College Now programs vary from school to school and campus to campus, sites share overall structure, implementation, and goals.

Much like many dual enrollment programs, the goal of College Now is to help students meet high school graduation requirements and prepare for academic and social success in college. In addition, program activities are designed to enhance performance on New York State Regents and CUNY placement examinations so that students are able to enroll in college without needing remediation. College Focus, a special program within College Now, targets students who have not yet met CUNY English and/or math proficiency.

REPS’ work with College Now has focused on developing and maintaining a complex data management process led by the data team; providing descriptive data on participation, grades, and post-secondary enrollment; and responding to numerous data requests from program leadership, university administrators, and external agencies. REPS has also analyzed the relationship between College Now participation and post-secondary outcomes. Most recently, Althea Webber and Charles Madsen examined the impact of dual-enrollment on post-secondary STEM outcomes, presenting findings at the 2016 APPAM Fall Research Conference.

Three sets of research questions guide the regular College Now reporting.

  • Background: What types of students participate in the College Now program and how do enrollment patterns change over time and by campus?
  • College Now Participation and Performance: What are students’ completion rates and how do they perform in College Now courses? To what extent do students re-enroll in the program?
  • Post-secondary: What are students’ post-secondary enrollment and performance trends compared to similar NYCDOE students who did not participate in the program?

In addition to regular reporting, a research agenda will inform program decisions and development and contribute to the published literature on dual-enrollment. The core of this work will examine student performance, post-secondary enrollment trends, and outcomes, with particular interest in the question of fit: for whom does the program work best and under what conditions. This research will include an examination of the impact of College Focus on CUNY assessment scores for students in various Regent’s math score bands.

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