CUNY Language Immersion Program (CLIP)

The CUNY Language Immersion Program (CLIP) is an intensive English language learning program that is implemented at nine CUNY campuses. The program goal of the program is to improve English language literacy skills and reduce remediation needs of CUNY applicants with limited background in English. It provides a low-cost option for English language learners who prefer a full-time immersion approach to English language studies that does not draw upon their financial aid allocation.

CLIP faculty and staff teach English through explorations of academic content. For example, topics include history, literature, environmental studies, and public health. In this way, students build both their knowledge base and their reading, writing, oral communication, and research skills.

REPS collaborates with CLIP to help improve the assessment of students’ English proficiency, assess program outcomes, and support data collection and management. In 2016-18, REPS has four major priorities for this project.

  1. Assessing CLIP participation and enrollment by mapping students’ demographic backgrounds;
  2. Analyzing CLIP students’ academic outcomes based on English proficiency, remediation rates, and college enrollment rates;
  3. Evaluating and developing recommendations for standardizing the implementation of CLIP writing measurements; andli>
  4. Continuing the longstanding work of integrating, harmonizing, and managing CLIP databases from the nine CUNY campuses.

Evaluation Questions:

  1. Who are the students participating in CLIP? What are their demographic backgrounds? Which languages are most students’ primary languages? Which geographic communities in New York City does CLIP predominantly serve?
  2. What is the inter-campus reliability of the current CLIP writing assessment scores? If there are discrepancies in assessment practices, how do we harmonize the writing assessment scores?
  3. Which CLIP students are more likely to matriculate into CUNY or another post-secondary educational institution?

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