LINCT to Success

LINCT to Success is a college access, transition, and success program comprised of three distinct but interconnected components (LINCT, Bridge to College and Career, and Strive for Success) that support high school seniors matriculate into college. LINCT (formerly known as At Home in College) provides students with specialized curriculum in Math and English designed to better prepare them for college-level coursework, and allows students to take the CUNY Assessment Tests at least twice at no cost. LINCT also provides professional development and resources to high school teachers and counselors. The program goal is for students to enter college without significant remedial needs. Bridge to College and Career offers guidance to high school graduates transitioning to college with the aim of combating “summer melt.” Finally, Strive for Success provides matriculated freshmen at several CUNY colleges with peer mentoring designed to help students navigate college life and improve retention. Currently, LINCT and Bridge to College and Career are expanding through a partnership with the NYC Department of Education.

REPS partners with the LINCT to Success to provide data collection and management, regular reporting on program progress, and evaluation of student outcomes. Specifically, REPS maintains multiple program databases designed to facilitate efficient access to program data and tracking of student progress which demands the linking of data provided by the program with administrative data from the NYC Department of Education and CUNY. Monthly reports that track student engagement with program supports and hours worked help program managers monitor student progress. Evaluation reports focus on key program outcomes, including student performance on CUNY Assessment Tests, college matriculation, and early college retention and academic achievement.

Evaluation questions cover each of the three program components.

  1. [LINCT Outcomes/Impact] What are the academic outcomes of participating in LINCT? Does participation in LINCT improve student performance on the CUNY Assessment Tests?
  2. [Bridge Outcomes] What are the college matriculation outcomes for students participating in Bridge to College and Career?
  3. [Strive Outcomes/Impact] What are the outcomes of participating in Strive for Success? Does participation in Strive result in higher college retention and/or greater academic performance?

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