The Dream.US

This project includes two strategies to support undocumented students at CUNY. First, TheDream.US provides low-income DACA-recipients from New York City who are pursuing an Associate degree (over a maximum of three academic years) or a Bachelor’s degree (over a maximum of six academic years) with scholarships to cover the costs of in-state tuition and educational expenses. Second, funding from the Pershing Square Foundation supports the “Program for DREAMers at CUNY,” a cross-campus initiative offering community-building and leadership development opportunities for undocumented students. The goal of these programs is to support college success and on-campus engagement among undocumented youth at CUNY.

REPS’ partnership with TheDream.US focuses on data management and evaluation. This involves maintaining a centralized database and data flow between program stakeholders, Central Office, and CUNY campuses. The evaluation includes studies of implementation and outcomes. The project team works with campus staff to assess program implementation and identify areas for improvement. The outcomes evaluation examines scholars’ enrollment patterns and academic performance using institutional data, as well as on-campus experiences using original data collection (i.e. surveys, focus groups). REPS’ partnership with the “Program for DREAMers at CUNY” focuses on working closely with Central Office to conduct implementation evaluation. Our collaboration with both programs contributes to the discussion of providing supports for undocumented students in higher education and further advocates program goals of building community and leadership development.

Five questions guide the evaluation project.

  1. What does program implementation look like for both TheDream.US and “Program for DREAMers at CUNY”? What are the programmatic successes and areas for development?
  2. Which on- and off-campus support services do students perceive as being important to on-campus engagement and TheDream.US experience?
  3. What student characteristics contribute to college success for TheDream.US and undocumented students at CUNY?
  4. What characteristics are related to college success for TheDream.US scholars and their citizen counterparts in CUNY? Is legal status significant when it comes to college outcomes?
  5. What impact does financial support have on academic outcomes?

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