Math and Science Partnership in NYC – II (MSPinNYC2)

The MSPinNYC2 project builds on a previous Math and Science Partnership (MSP)-Targeted Partnership to extend and deepen a promising program called the Peer Enabled Restructured Classroom (PERC). The PERC program restructures 9th grade STEM courses to have 7 or 8 Teaching Assistant (TA) Scholars facilitate group work on a daily basis. TA Scholars are average-achieving, (i.e., not honors students) 10th graders who passed the course and the associated required state exit examination during the previous year and are concurrently trained in a TA Scholar course. Pilot studies with PERC during the MSPinNYC project suggested that the program reduces failure rates, closes achievement gaps, and improves graduation rates.

REPS role on this project is to provide data sharing and database management that support a larger program evaluation of MSPinNYC2. REPS provides data extracts to the MSP evaluation team from the Center for Advanced Study in Education at CUNY’s Graduate Center and ad hoc reports to the MSP Program team encompassing the following.

  1. Collecting MSP program enrollment data for all students in PERC classrooms.
  2. Collecting TA students’ enrollment data as they move through the Pipeline program at their respective schools.
  3. Collecting Regents exam performance differences between PERC and non-PERC students, after controlling for students’ performance on the NYSED 8th grade test scores in Mathematics and ELA.
  4. Creating data files including student performance, demographics and academic standings.
  5. Comparing PERC/TAS student academic achievement (including, for example, Regents exam scores and other high-school based measures of academic achievement) with a group of non-MSP students from NYCDOE.

Newly added data sets may include CUNY CAT scores for MSP students.

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