CEWP Hollis Gardens

CUNY’s Office of Continuing Education and Workforce Programs (CEWP) partners with the Hollis Gardens Sustaining Veterans Success Program to provide education and workforce development opportunities to previously homeless veterans and community members. Participants receive supportive housing with wraparound services including case management, education opportunities, and workforce development with the objective of supporting tenants’ endeavors to integrate into the regular labor market in order to become more economically self-sufficient and housing-stable.

REPS partners with CEWP to conduct a longitudinal qualitative evaluation of Hollis Gardens. The two outcomes of interest are housing stability and economic sustainability. Now in the planning stages, the evaluation will examine program implementation, engagement in services, and tenant outcomes through surveys, focus groups, and interviews with staff and tenants. Implementation evaluation questions explore tenant perceptions of services provided and barriers to engagement. Future outcome analysis will examine whether service engagement is associated with desired outcomes.

  1. Are tenants participating in education/workforce development or case management services? What are the barriers to uptake of services for non-participating tenants? What engagement strategies could address these barriers?
  2. What are the immediate needs and short/long term goals of the tenants?
  3. What is residents’ experience in the community and in education/workforce development and/or case management services?

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