CUNY EDGE, formerly known as COPE, is dedicated to promoting successful postsecondary outcomes for matriculated CUNY undergraduate students who receive cash assistance. As a partnership between CUNY and the NYC Human Resources Administration (HRA), the program provides students with services including advisement sessions, tutoring/tutoring referrals, job readiness seminars, as well as limited financial assistance in the form of tuition assistance and participation incentives. Through these activities, the program helps participants fulfill public assistance work requirements.

Currently operating at each CUNY senior and community college, EDGE seeks to increase retention, improve on-time graduation rates, and equip participants with the tools needed to be competitive in the job market. EDGE encourages students to advocate for themselves and access the diverse supports available to them at the university.

REPS supports CUNY EDGE in its recently expanded reach and focus by maintaining student databases, consulting to the program on online data collection tools for student tracking, and building and managing those tools. We produce interactive visualizations in Tableau to regularly report on program participation and academic outcomes, giving EDGE access to a snapshot of cohort demographics and further insight into the needs and progress of the population being served. In addition, REPS is poised to explore emerging evaluation and research possibilities beyond descriptive data, e.g. the association between program services, benefits, and academic outcomes.

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