REPS Receives Federal Institute of Education Sciences Funding for P-TECH Study

REPS is pleased to announce a grant to support research on the Early College Initiative’s P-TECH 9-14 school model. This five-year, nearly $3 million grant from IES to MDRC includes a $315,000 sub-award to REPS and to our program partner ECI. The research includes: (1) an impact evaluation, (2) an implementation review, and (3) a cost study.

The researchers will employ rigorous, quantitative methods to estimate the impacts for students enrolled in seven P-TECH schools. In addition, researchers will assess program implementation across these P-TECH schools to measure model fidelity and to inform the impact findings. The study investigates what types of programs, supports, and practices students who did not attend a P-TECH school experience in a business-as-usual comparison condition. The team will also explore each school’s efforts to support the four core program components: early college, focus on career, individual student pathways, and adding extended learning time to the school schedule. Finally, a cost-effectiveness study will examine start-up and ongoing costs.

REPS Assistant Director Althea Webber worked with Collaborative Programs Dean Cass Conrad to develop the proposal in partnership with MDRC. Webber and Vanessa Paul, the evaluation team lead for ECI, will work with Brian Donnelly, Director of ECI, who will lead program operations.