The Office of Research, Evaluation and Program Support conducts research and evaluation for a variety of educational and workforce programs.  We disseminate research findings to internal and external audiences via research reports, literature reviews, white papers, briefs, and conference presentations.


Race, Ethnicity, and Service-Learning: Understanding Access and Equity using a Critical Quantitative Approach

Book Review: New York City Public Schools From Brownsville to Bloomberg


Dual Enrollment: A Comprehensive Literature and Bibliography

COLLEGE NOW Courses in a high school setting

  • Author(s): Stuart Cochran, April Burns
  • Area(s) of Focus: College Readiness
  • Date: June 2008

Understanding the Low Male Participation Rate in COLLEGE NOW

CUNY PREP: A Comprehensive Report / A History of the Project

CUNY GEAR UP: A History of the Project / An Evaluation of GEAR UP

Understanding Multiple Developmental Pathways for Under-Represented Student Populations

Race/Ethnicity and Service-Learning at Community Colleges

How to Assess Social Change Impacts?: Developing an Evaluation Framework at an oral history/SOcial Justice ORganization

Using “GateWay” Courses to Prepare Mid-Range Students for College Readiness

Examining Postsecondary Outcomes of Dual Enrollment Across Student Subgroups: Do All Students Benefit?

An Alternative Approach to Traditional Remedial CourseWork at community Colleges: Outcomes at a Student and Institution Level

Evaluating The Effects of a New Approach to Developmental EDUCATION: CUNY START

Evaluating Implementation Efforts to Support Adult Learners on Career Pathways

Working Together: Best Practices for Internal and External Evaluator Collaboration