The Office of Research, Evaluation and Program Support conducts research and evaluation for a variety of educational and workforce programs. We disseminate research findings to internal and external audiences via research reports, literature reviews, white papers, briefs, and conference presentations.

Reports and White Papers



Starting to Succeed: The Impact of CUNY Start on Academic Momentum

Human Resources Administration-CUNY Sustaining Veterans’ Success Initiative: A Formative Evaluation

CUNY Early College Initiative Outcomes: Student Achievement and Momentum

Program Evaluation, Research, and Informal Inquiry: Pathways to Gathering Information

  • Author(s): Carol Ripple
  • Area(s) of Focus: Evaluation Methods & Approach
  • Date: March 2017


COLLEGE NOW Courses in a high school setting

Understanding the Low Male Participation Rate in COLLEGE NOW

CUNY PREP: A Comprehensive Report / A History of the Project

Conference Presentations



Starting to Succeed: Impacts of the CUNY Start Program on Academic Momentum

The Impact of Dual-Enrollment Programs on Postsecondary STEM Education: Evidence from CUNY College Now

Using Causal Inference and Subgroup Comparisons in the Evaluation of the Creative Arts Team Astor Grant Early Learning Program

Modeling the Impact of Enrollment Patterns on Degree Completion for Community College Students

Understanding Multiple Developmental Pathways for Under-Represented Student Populations

Race/Ethnicity and Service-Learning at Community Colleges

How to Assess Social Change Impacts?: Developing an Evaluation Framework at an oral history/SOcial Justice ORganization

Using “GateWay” Courses to Prepare Mid-Range Students for College Readiness

Examining Postsecondary Outcomes of Dual Enrollment Across Student Subgroups: Do All Students Benefit?

An Alternative Approach to Traditional Remedial CourseWork at community Colleges: Outcomes at a Student and Institution Level

Evaluating The Effects of a New Approach to Developmental EDUCATION: CUNY START

Evaluating Implementation Efforts to Support Adult Learners on Career Pathways

Working Together: Best Practices for Internal and External Evaluator Collaboration

Literature Reviews



Literature Review: CUNY Tutor Corps

Dual Enrollment: A Comprehensive Literature Review and Bibliography





Race, Ethnicity, and Service-Learning: Understanding Access and Equity using a Critical Quantitative Approach

Book Review: New York City Public Schools From Brownsville to Bloomberg

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