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Capital Budget

The University’s $6.7 billion request for FY 2018-19 through FY 2022-23 is intended to fund ongoing projects, critical maintenance, and strategic initiatives, including the Decade of Science and CUNY FIRST.

Space Planning

The Department of Space Planning is responsible for determining the space needs for each campus.

  • Prepares physical master plans and amendments for each campus
  • Performs space utilization studies
  • Manages real estate operations:
  • Negotiates and maintains leases for CUNY-wide rental
  • Coordinates acquisition of real property

Procurement Services

Procures Contracts and Task Orders with Consultants and Contractors for multiple projects, in Design, Construction, Real Estate Planning, including Architectural Design, Engineering Design, Master Planning, Construction, Construction Management/Build Services, General Contracting, Trades Contracting, and Property Development, including Public Private Partnerships.

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Design, Construction and Management

  • The Department of Design, Construction and Management is responsible for the execution of capital projects.
  • Implements the design and construction of funded projects
  • Coordinates construction phasing, scheduling, and execution in concert with college operating conditions
  • Provides technical support for scope development of proposed projects and for the design and construction of college-managed projects
  • Oversees energy conservation planning and project coordination

Financial Management

The Department of Financial Management is responsible for overseeing FPCM’s financial and procurement operations.

  • Tracks State and City funds
  • Oversees procurement services through construction and consultant contracts
  • Operates the solicitation process from identification of need, to contract registration
  • Develops the five-year capital budget plan

Vendor Integrity and Investigations

The Department of Vendor Integrity and Investigations is responsible for ensuring that vendors performing work on CUNY capital projects are organizations of good integrity and conduct their affairs honestly.

  • Conducts comprehensive vendor background checks to aid in determining vendor integrity and to promote a competitive procurement environment
  • Conducts contract compliance reviews and inspections
  • Investigates allegations of vendor misconduct
  • Develops and implements ways to identify and prevent vendor misconduct

Real Estate Transactions

The Department of Real Estate Transactions is responsible for coordinating efforts to maximize the University’s real estate assets.

  • Identifies viable public private projects on CUNY campuses
  • Works with consultants and colleges on site selection and planning
  • Assists in selection of consultant team including drafting scope of work, issuing RFPs, conducting interviews, analyzing proposals, and negotiating agreements and fees
  • Oversees consultant team’s work including conducting planning studies, feasibility analysis, zoning analysis, traffic studies, financial analysis, and negotiation with private developers
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Facilities Planning, Construction and Management Leadership

JUDITH BERGTRAUM, Vice Chancellor for Facilities Planning, Construction and Management has been directly involved with the management of CUNY’s multibillion dollar capital program for the past decade. In 2007, Bergtraum moved to higher education capital facilities from a 20-year career in educational administration when she accepted the role of Deputy to the Vice Chancellor of Facilities Planning, Construction and Management for CUNY. She was promoted to Interim Vice Chancellor for FPCM in 2014 and the role was soon made permanent in 2015. Read More

In her current capacity, Bergtraum oversees a five-year capital construction budget of over $3 billion across the University system’s 24 schools throughout the five boroughs.

Bergtraum is responsible for the design, programming, and construction of campus and central office facilities and coordination of the university’s state of good repair program.  She oversees the capital budget request process, financial management, and procurement operation required for administration of capital projects. Additionally, Bergtraum manages CUNY’s $57 million real estate portfolio and development of private public partnerships to optimize the university’s assets. She also continuously consults with college presidents, the Board of Trustees, DASNY and city and state agencies for the advancement of CUNY’s capital program.

Bergtraum was also was deeply involved with the city’s public education system, starting as an elementary and special education teacher before moving into administrative posts in special education with the former Board of Education. She was an elected member of Community School Board 25 in Queens and president of Community Education Council District 25. She has also served on the Mayor’s Panel for Education Policy and is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Queens Library, where she serves as Chairperson of the Board.

Bergtraum holds a bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York at Cortland, a master’s in special education from Boston University and a J.D. degree from Brooklyn Law School.

John Antonelli
Executive Director of Financial Management

Robert Lemieux
Executive Director of Design, Construction & Management

Meghan Moore-Wilk
Director of Space Planning

Gwen Perlman
Director of Capital Budget & Finance

Jay Goldstein
Director of Construction Services

Gustavo Ordonez
Chief of Staff

Sharon Russell
Director of Procurement Services

Ali Vedavarz
Director of Engineering Services

Meghan Mulgrew
Director of Real Estate Transactions

Vincent Green
Director of Vendor Integrity and Investigations