The New York State Capitol, Albany, New York

Lobbying Information

Mary Kaye Kellogg coordinates and supervises submission of the University’s lobbying reports to the New York State Commission on Public Integrity.

College representatives should contact Mary Kaye Kellogg ( or Seneca Johnson ( to properly register with the Lobbying Commission.   The telephone contact number is 518-463-2177.  Information on the NYS lobbying law is available from the Joint Commission on Public Ethics.

Lobbying Law(s) of NYS

Learn more about your Government Officials at the New York State Government website

Somos El Futuro The NYS Assembly Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force

CUNY Office of State Relations

111 Washington Avenue, Suite 605
Albany, NY 12210

Tel. 518 463-2177
Fax. 518 463-2170


Mary Kaye Kellogg
Legislative Representative

Maureen Shields
Legislative Representative

Seneca Johnson
Administrative Executive Coordinator