The Office of Academic Affairs has developed a number of policy papers that discuss issues affecting the health and human services fields and offer recommendations.

Youth Transition

Administered by the Office of the Dean, the CUNY Youth Transition Demonstration Project was a seven-year, multi-million dollar research and demonstration project. The purpose of the project was to help Bronx youth with disabilities receiving SSA benefits achieve maximum independence and economic self-sufficiency. The project ended at CUNY on May 31, 2010. Journal articles authored by staff describe the project’s Person-Centered Planning component and youth’s involvement in therapeutic recreation activities, and a Final Report provides summary data and information about the project.

Professional Doctorates

A January 2010 document entitled “Report on Options for Organizing Professional Doctorates at CUNY ” prepared by Associate University Provost Julia Wrigley and University Dean William Ebenstein reviews the emergence of professional doctorates in American higher education and how these degrees have changed the academic landscape. The document also considers how the National Center for Education Statistics and the Carnegie Foundation, two major organizations that classify degrees and higher education institutions, categorize professional doctorates. In addition, the document reviews the literature on professional doctorates and their organization at other institutions.

Long Term Care

In August 2008, CUNY hosted a three-day workshop to devise workable solutions to the challenges facing New York State’s long term care system. The workshop was attended by more than 100 providers, academics, policy experts, government officials, and advocates. The report, Long Term Care Workshop: “Creating Solutions for New York State”, describes recommendations.

Health Insurance Coverage of Direct Support Workers

University Dean William Ebenstein wrote the following article, Health Insurance Coverage of Direct Support Workers in the Developmental Disabilities Field. A review of the literature is presented to assist nonprofit employers and government officials in designing initiatives to address increasing health care costs