You are eligible to participate in the NYSHIP Student Employee Health Plan if you are a matriculated doctoral student in a CUNY graduate program and simultaneously employed in one of the following Professional Staff Congress (PSC) represented titles:

  • Graduate Assistant A, B, C and D
  • Adjunct Instructor
  • Adjunct Lecturer
  • Adjunct College Laboratory Technician
  • Non-teaching Adjunct I, II

Additionally, you must earn at least $4,122 a year ($2,061 per semester) working as a Graduate Assistant or as an Adjunct at CUNY.

Payroll Transfers

If you are enrolled in NYSHIP and transfer to a NYSHIP-eligible title at a new college you must fill out a payroll transfer form to insure your continuity of coverage.

Doctoral Students employed at a Community College, must be transferred to The Graduate Center payroll. This payroll transfer must be completed every semester in order to maintain eligibility for NYSHIP. Therefore, each semester, you will be required to present your appointment letter to the Student Affairs Office at The Graduate Center.


Effective January 1, 2018 the employee share of the biweekly premium for medical/dental/vision coverage for enrollees in the NYSHIP Student Employee Health Plan will be:

Individual coverage: $16.76
Family coverage: $104.58

You must complete a NYSHIP termination form to ensure that your records are appropriately updated and that you are sent your COBRA application in a timely manner.


Contact Information

If you are a Doctoral Student at the CUNY Graduate Center, contact:
Scott Voorhees
Graduate Center
Room 7301.05
(212) 817-7406

If you are an Engineering Ph.D. at City College, contact:
Kim Ferguson
City College
Shepard Hall, Room 50
(212) 650-7963

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