The Benefits of CUNY eTime

Fast, accurate & easy to use

Automatically awards and tracks accruals

Eliminates paper time sheets

Employee Self-Service Options

Provides email notification to employees and supervisors

24 Colleges / 1 System

Leverages CUNYfirst data and capabilities

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About CUNY eTime

Branded CUNY eTime, the University’s Time and Leave Project creates a unified system for all the colleges to use that has the necessary rules, regulations and policies regarding time reporting and leaves accrued and taken, all codified by title. The new system, which will interface with CUNYfirst, will eliminate arithmetical errors in totaling hours, and provide easy access to accruals and fully auditable records of each transaction. CUNY eTime is easy to use and should not disrupt your work schedule. The time tracking tasks you perform depend on your particular position. Your supervisor will provide you with directions on which method to use.

Training for CUNY eTime

We offer training in the following formats:

Online Web-based training for Employees

Classroom Instructor-led training for Approvers

Training guides for Approvers and Employees

Specialized Training for HR Administrators

Online quick guides for all employees

Select Your Role to Get Started

This time entry method records time and attendance data when an employee enters a personal identification number (PIN) through the keypad. The system records this transaction in real time and populates the exact time of the pin code entry on the employee’s time sheet. Your supervisor will provide you with directions on which method to use. Employees who will report their time using the time clock device method are:

Campus Security Assistant, Campus Security Officer, Campus Peace Officer, Campus Security Specialist, Campus Public Safety Sergeant, Stock Worker, Supervisor of Stock Workers, Motor Vehicle Operator, Exterminator, Gardener, Custodial Assistant, City Custodial Assistant, Custodial Supervisor Senior Custodial Supervisor, Assistant Principal Custodial Supervisor, Principal Custodial Supervisor, Principal Park Supervisor, Supervisor, Elevator Starter, Auto Mechanic, Carpenter, Cement Mason, Electrician, Electrician’s Helper, Elevator Mechanic, High Pressure Plant Tender, Locksmith, Machinist, Maintenance Worker, Oiler, Painter, Plasterer, Plumber, Plumber’s Helper, Roofer, Senior Stationary Engineer, Stationary Engineer, Steamfitter, Steamfitter’s Helper, Architect, Assistant Architect, Engineer, Assistant Engineer, Engineeer Technician, Supervisor Carpenter, Supervisor Electrician, Supervisor of Mechanics, Supervisor Painter, Supervisor Plumber, Supervisor Thermostat Repairer, Thermostat Repairer, Laborer

In the Educational Opportunity Centers: EOC Custodial Assistant, EOC Custodial Supervisor, and Motor Vehicle Operator (EOC)

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There are three different types of web portal users. They are Clock On and Clock Off, Bi-Weekly Time Sheet Entry and Monthly Exception-Based Reporting. Your supervisor will provide you with directions on which method to use.

Electronic Clock On and Clock Off

The electronic Clock On and Clock Off web clock time entry method allows employees to log into CUNY eTime and select either an “On” or Off” button. As time punches are entered by the employee, the system records, in real time, the exact time of the punch and populates this information on the employee’s electronic time sheet. Click on image below to view Clock On/Clock Off welcome screen. Your supervisor will provide you with directions on which method to use. Employees who will report their time using the web clock electronic Clock On/Clock Off method are:

Technical Support Aide, Clerical Associate, CUNY Office Assistant, CUNY Administrative Assistant, Print Shop Assistant, Print Shop Associate, Print Shop Coordinator, College Photo Typesetter, Multi-Color Press/Camera Operator, Mail/Message Services Worker, Graphics Designer, Interior Designer, Facilities Coordinator, Broadcast Associate, Project Manager, IT Support Assistant, IT Assistant, IT Associate, IT Senior Associate, Disability Accommodations Specialist, Sign Language Interpreter, College Assistant, Finance Accounting Assistant, Finance Accountant, Media Services Technician, Nurse Practitioner, Staff Nurse, Assistant Purchasing Agent and Purchasing Agent

In the Educational Opportunity Centers: EOC Accountant (Level I or IA), EOC Accounting Assistant (Level I), EOC Administrative Assistant, EOC Assistant, , EOC IT Support Assistant, EOC Mail/Message Services Worker, EOC Office Assistant (Level I, II, III, or IV)

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Bi-Weekly Time Sheet Entry

The bi-weekly web clock time entry method allows employees to log into CUNY eTime and enter time worked on a bi-weekly basis. Employees will enter the time they start and stop working each day on their electronic time sheet. Employees who will report their time using the bi-weekly method are:

Higher Education Officer (HEO) series who are eligible for compensatory time under the collective bargaining agreement and/or eligible for overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act

Chief College Laboratory Technician, Senior College Laboratory Technician, College Laboratory Technician, Research Associate, Research Assistant, Senior Registrar, Registrar, Associate Registrar, Assistant Registrar, Non-Teaching Graduate Assistants A, B, C, D, Continuing Education Teachers, Non-Teaching Adjuncts I-V, Law School Non-Teaching Adjunct I-III

In the Hunter College Campus Schools: Teachers, Chairperson of Department, Campus Schools College Laboratory Technicians, Campus Schools Senior College Laboratory Technicians, Teachers of Library, Placement Directors, Educational and Vocational Teachers, and Teachers (Hourly), and Occasional Per Diem Substitute Teacher

In the Educational Opportunity Centers: EOC Higher Education Officers, EOC Higher Education Associates, EOC Higher Education Assistants, EOC College Laboratory Technicians, EOC Adjunct Lecturers

Monthly Exception-Based Reporting

Monthly exception based reporting employees will log into CUNY eTime and only report use of vacation, sick, or other leave at the end of the month. . All members of the Executive Compensation Plan (ECP) and all members of the Classified Managerial Pay Plan will report their time on a monthly exception-basis. Employees in the Higher Education Officer (HEO) series who are both exempt from the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act and are excluded from representation in collective bargaining will also report their time on a monthly exception basis.