Year Categorization Index Reference
2018 PPB Pay Rate: Student Aide
2017 PPB Pay Rate: Student Aide
2016 PPB Controlled Substance and Alcohol Testing Policies and Programs for Employees Who Hold Commercial Drivers License
2016 PPB Emergency Closings Full Day and Partial Day
2008 PPB Managerial Pay Plan Update
2007 PPB Managerial Pay Plan Update
2005 PPB Part-Time Appointments
2005 PPB Examinations
2004 IM Section 212 RSSL Earnings Cap for 2004: $27,500
2003 IM Breaks for Staff in Sub-managerial Public Safety Titles: Campus Peace Officer and Campus Security Officer
2003 PPB Voluntary Transfers between College
2003 PPB Jury Service and Payment Therefor
2003 PPB Time and Leave Provisions Governing Civil Service Appointment to and Within the City University of New York
2003 PPB Reinstatement After Workers’ Compensation Disability Separation
2002 IA Eligibility Determination Medical/Drug Screening Form Procedures for Current Employees Who are Applying for a Position Which Requires A Medical/Drug Screening Test
2002 IM Promotional Examination Eligibility while on a CUNY Preferred List
2002 IM CUNY as a Separate Municipal Employer: Separate from NYC and NY State Agencies, Mayoral and Non-Mayoral Agencies; Private and Non-Profit Employers, i.e. Research Foundation
2002 IM Terminal Leave for Managers Lump Sum Separation Pay Calculation from “Last Day Worked
2002 PPB Civil Service Entry Date Classified Service Employees in competative, non-competative annd labor class positions Seniority Date for Layoff
2002 PPB Managerial salary adjustment within an assignment level as a result of increased complexity of campus operations
2002 PPB Appointment to Vacancies Constitutional Oath of Office
2002 PPB Appointments Application for and Claiming Veteran’s Credit Veteran’s Credit Request Must Be Made Prior to Establishment of List
2002 PPB Abolition or Reduction of Positions Reinstatement to, Removal from, and Restoration to a Preferred List
2002 PPB Appointments Subject to Passing a Qualifying Examination
2002 PPB College Assistants, Pay Rates
2002 PPB Filing Fees for Eligibility Determination
2002 PPB Inter-College Transfers for Sub-Managerial Employees Not Covered By A Collectively Bargained CUNY Transfer Policy
2002 PPB Pay Upon the Promotion or Appointment of a CUNY Employee to a Title in the CUNY Managerial Service
2002 PPB Grievance Procedure for Employees Without Negotiated Provisions
2002 PPB Managerial Pay Plan Update
2002 PPB Merit Raises and FMLA
2002 PPB Termination During Probation
2002 PPB Hard to Recruit Nurse Practioner June 10, 2002 – June 9, 2003 See also PPB 13-90
2001 IM Pay Upon Appointment to CUNY Office Assistant Prior Service as College Assistant
2001 IM Recruitment Policy University Standard Search Procedures Classified Service Positions and Unclassified Service Instructional / Non-Instructional Positions
2001 IM Recruitment Policy University Standard Search Process RSSL: Section 211 Search Process
2001 PPB Managerial Starting Salary Pay Upon Initial Appointment to a Title in the CUNY Managerial Service
2001 IM Gittleson titles Lump Sum Merit Awards and Merit to Base Awards
2000 IM Terminal Leave Calculations for Employees in Blue Collar, White Collar and 220 Titles
2000 IM Reinstatement
2000 PPB Step-up Provisional Appointments to the Title CUNY Administrative Assistant: Title 2, Level 1
2000 PPB Managerial Service Merit Adjustment to Base Salary Lump Sum Merit Award
2000 IM Restoration of Sick Leave Balance after Recinding Retirement
1999 IM Examinations and Order of Appointment from a Certified List
1999 IM Time and Leave Policy Annual Leave Accrual Rate and Crediting of Leave Balances Between titles under different CUNY bargining authorities Without a Break in continuous University Service
1999 PPB Removal and Restoration from Lists
1998 IA Jury Duty Service College Assistants
1998 IA REIMBURSEMENT for Travel Expenses Random Drug Test While Off Duty Public Safety Titles
1998 IM Earnings Under RSSL Sections 211 / 212 Impact of Early Retirement Payout on Earnings Cap Under RSSL
1998 IM Military Leave
1998 PPB Transfer Roster Appoint to Position in Lower Title in Same Occupational Group
1998 PPB Merit Salary Increases
1998 PPB Criteria for Complete Applications for Promotional Exams
1998 PPB Examination Administration Civil Service Tests Security Guideline
1998 PPB Protocol: Public Safety Personnel Seeking Voluntary Drug Treatment
1997 PPB Terminal Leave for Managerial Employees
1997 PPB Pay on Reassignment to different Managerial Levels Salary Advancement Upon Promotional Reassignment
1997 IM Revision of Section 72: Leave for Special Disability AND Office of Administrative Hearing and Trials (OATH) Rules of Practice
1997 IM Managerial Level Campus Security Pre-Appointment Actions: Background Review and Selection Procedures
1997 IA The terms under which a CUNY CPO (Level I, II, or III) will be permitted to move to the CSO (Level I) Title following denial of Special Patrolman status by the NYPD or upon revocation of such status:
1997 IM Inter-College Transfers as a result of transfer roster appointment, appointment from a civil service list or preferred list Seniority calculation: Impact on vacation and shift picks
1996 IM Layoff: Displacement Appointments from a Replacement Roster or Preferred List for titles in which there are multiple assignment levels
1996 PPB Authorized Absences Time Off for Religious Observance
1996 PPB Vacancies: Interviewing: ADA Americans with Disabilities Act: Questions Employers May Ask Prior to a Job Offer
1996 PPB Leaves :Rights to Return to Approved Leave Line In General and in Instances of Layoff
1996 IM Layoff: Preferred List Refilling or re-posting of: Abolished formerly occupied positions or, vacant positions which have been withdrawn in the face of a preferred list
1996 IM Procedures for Special Appointments Use of College Assistants in Buildings and Grounds Work
1995 IM Benefits Eligibility and Payment for Time and Leave Credits as a consequence of Classified Staff Layoff Procedures
1995 IM Form and Explaination Regarding Opportunities for Appointment for Employees with Layoff Rights
1995 IM Step-Up Appointment to the title CUNY Administrative Assistant: Guidance to step-up employees: Notification Letter and Form for Employee Sign Off
1995 IM City Laborer (90702) – Driver’s License Requirement
1995 IM LEAVE TO SERVE IN ANOTHER TITLE; Return Rights to Classified Service Position Upon Non Re-Appointment from an Unclassified Service Position
1995 IM Layoff Seniority Continuous Service
1995 IM Performance Evaluation: Merit Pay
1995 PPB Custodial Supervisor; Senior Custodial Supervisor; University Performance Appraisal System; Performance Standards; Performance Evaluation
1995 IM Vacancies Affirmative Action Review
1994 IM Peace Officer Suitability Investigations
1994 PPB Employment Rates Sub-Managerial promotional increases above minimum or contractual guarantee Guidline for discretionary salary increase upon sub-managerial promotion in provisional status
1994 PPB Terminal Leave Employees in 220 Titles
1994 IM CERTIFICATE ORDER OF APPOINTMENTS: Appointments and Promotions From a Civil Service List
1994 IM Preffered List Reinstatement without a Break in University Employment (also see Personnel Policy Bulletin 13-90 dated 7/26/90 and Interpretive Memo 9-90 Time and Leave Provisions Governing Civil Service Appointments to and within The City University of New York)
1994 IM Movement within Level Gittleson Time
1994 IM Classification and reclassification of Positions; Reclassification from a classified title to a newly established classified title
1993 IM TIME AND LEAVE: Unscheduled Holidays White Collar and Blue Collar Titles
1993 PPB Inter-College Transfers: Layoff Special Provisions for Sub-Managerial Employees Upon Abolition of Position or Reduction In Force
1993 PPB Probationary Period
1993 IM Merit Pay Awards for Managers in Civil Service Titles : Purpose and Key Features of these Awards
1992 IA Eligibility for Provisional Due Process Rights at a CUNY College to Local 237, International Brotherhood of Teamsters
1992 IA Local 30 – Agreement on Procedures for the Resolution of Grievances and the Ajudication of Disciplinary Charges
1992 IA Contractual Due Process Procedure for Provisionals With 2 Years Continuous Service Within a CUNY – DC 37 Titles
1992 PPB Appeal and/or Protests regarding Examinations – PPB 7-89 Revised
1992 IM Gittleson movement in rank within title
1991 PPB Transfer Rosters – Hardship
1991 PPB Pay Upon Appointment From a Civil Service List
1991 PPB Payment For Terminal Leave
1991 IA Attendance Basic Work Week
1991 IM Annual Leave Accrual Rate “CUNY Start Date
1990 IM Attendance; Policy and Procedures Vacation Stretch Determination of Annual Leave Accrual Rates
1990 PPB Approval of Appointments: External Employment
1990 PPB Annual leave accrual rates for CUNY managers Increases in accrual rates based on length of PRIOR continuous CUNY service
1990 PPB Unscheduled Holidays Civil Service Titles 9/1 TO 8/31 Usage Period
1990 PPB Volunteers
1990 PPB Vacation / Annual Leave Year Calculation of Leave Credits Civil Service Titles 9/1 to 8/31
1989 IM Appointments to Encumbered Positions
1989 IM Pay Plan General Policy
1989 PPB Attendance at Civil Service Examinations, Appointment Interviews, or Pools Using a Certified Eligible List
1989 PPB Time Allowed Employees to Vote
1989 PPB Emergency Closings Full Day and Partial Day
1988 PPB PPB_02_16_1988_01
1988 PPB Annual Leave Accrual Rates for College Assistant Appointed Following Full-Time Service
1988 IM Leave of Absence Classified to Unclassified
1987 PPB Leaves of Absence between Colleges
1986 PPB Labor Class: City Laborer
1986 PPB Benefits, Upon Reclassification to Classified Service

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