Amendments to the Legislative Law Re: Lobbyists Requiring Immediate Attention, 8.30.2012

Best Practices for Use of Campus Facilities by Student Clubs, College Associations and Other Sponsoring Organizations, April 2012

CUNY Records Management Policy Advisory, 9.21.2007

Dissemination of Information About Convicted Sex Offenders on Campus, 11.21.2007

Drug and Alcohol Use, 8.6.2009

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”), 2.25.2009

FOIL: Updated General Guidance on Compliance with FOIL, 12.1.2008

New York City Prohibits Discrimination Against Unemployed – Memorandum 6.10.2013

Non-Discrimination of Students on the Basis of Pregnancy, Childbirth and Related Conditions, 5.9.2013

Open Meeting Law – Governance Bodies, 1.2.2006

Open Meeting Law – Student Governance, 9.26.2006

Personnel and Budget Committee Proceedings and Department Elections, 11.1.2004

Protecting Employee Private Information, 1.26.2010

Public Employee Ethics Reform Act of 2007 and Lobbying

Reporting Suspected Child Abuse and Maltreatment, 1.13.2014

Representation and Indemnification of University Employees, 11.24.2003

Student Government Elections and Review Procedures

Student and Employee Requests for Name and Gender Changes Memo 2018


Student, Lending, Accountability, Transparency, and Enforcement Act (“SLATE”)

Submission of Fraudulent Documents in Support of an Application for Admission

Use of College Facilities by Candidates for Public Office