Internet Access Guidelines for CUNY Libraries

In accord with the spirit of the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights and to maintain academic and intellectual freedom and ensure equity of access within the CUNY academic community, the following general guidelines for Internet access are suggested for CUNY libraries by the Council of Chief Librarians of the City University of New York.

  1. CUNY libraries should provide some facilities and infrastructure expressly for unrestricted access to the Internet. Other workstations may be regulated to allow only restricted access in order to ensure the availability of licensed databases or other Internet sites appropriate for academic course work or research.
  2. CUNY Libraries Access policy applies to Internet access. Every member of the CUNY community with a valid CUNY ID has full rights to Internet use in all CUNY libraries.
  3. Individual campuses may determine local rules governing specific terms of Internet use. Such rules include time limits, signing-up, number of users per terminal, downloading and printing.
  4. Attempts to modify hardware or software configurations are prohibited. Internet users must comply with the CUNY statement of “Computer User Responsibilities.”

See also: The City University of New York’s Policy on Acceptable Use of Computer Resources

Approved by the Council of Chief Librarians on December 14, 1998