Statement in Support of CUNY Library Faculty Research

Responding to Connected CUNY’s mandate to invest in and support its faculty’s knowledge creation, research, creative activities, and innovation as engaged scholars, teachers, and members of the community, CUNY Council of Chief Librarians (CCL) supports CUNY librarians’ faculty status, and promotes their active, engaged scholarship. We value scholarly contributions as commensurate with librarianship, instruction, and service. Accordingly, we have endorsed the Advancement of Scholarship and Research in CUNY Libraries towards implementation of innovative scholarship, librarianship, instruction, and learning in our Strategic Plan.

Further, CCL supports the PSC Library Faculty Committee‘s demand for progress in annual leave parity for library faculty. This would provide our faculty-scholars with the opportunity to increase contributions to City University’s body of public scholarship and knowledge by advancing and promulgating emerging developments in information resources, library services and physical space, instructional pedagogies, information and media literacy, as well as archives and special collections in order for CUNY Libraries to provide leadership to faculty scholars and students, and excel as partners in critical inquiry and active learning.

Approved by
Greg Gosselin, Interim Dean of Libraries and Information Systems
CUNY Council of Chief Librarians
January 17, 2018