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The Office of Assessment is responsible for CUNY-wide student assessments, principally the CUNY Assessment Tests (CAT) for students to demonstrate basic skills proficiency upon entering the University. The Office makes available assessment information on the CUNY portal, communicating all information pertinent to the CAT, from general test descriptions to actual sample tests, study resources, and test site locations. The Office has four main areas of responsibilities:

Testing policies — implements board policies on:

  • University testing requirements.
  • Student eligibility.
  • Score scales and cut-scores.

Test design and development

  • Designs tests according to psychometric best practice and University principles of assessment.
  • Develops test specifications for functionally equivalent test forms.
  • Develops grading rubrics for test scoring.
  • Operationalizes measurement designs.

Test administration

  • Prepares and distributes test information to students, faculty, the administration and general public.
  • Coordinates test schedules throughout the University.
  • Sets and implements test security procedures and examination proctoring.
  • Maintains test facilities, providing optimal testing environments and ensuring ADA compliance.

Manages testing data.

  • Reports individual test scores to test-takers and generates summary reports of test results for the faculty, administration, government agencies and the general public.

Test quality assurance

  • Conducts studies on test reliability and validity.
  • Holds regular meetings with the University’s Testing Council, Assessment Council, and subject matter advisory groups.
  • Provides professional development for testing staff including training and certification of readers.