The CUNY Office of Institutional Research and Assessment is committed to improving research capacity and data access through documentation and training for university staff. Included on this page are materials developed by OIRA to assist in the production of analytic tasks using CUNY’s Institutional Research Database (IRDB).
OIRA Current Data Resources


Entity Relationship Diagrams

Diagrams for the three main IRDB/Discoverer Business Areas. These diagrams display the table or folder at the center of each Business Area, which tables are related, and how they are related.

list of IRDB fields

An Excel file that lists fields by table/folder and Business Area for each of the three main Business Areas as well as two additional Business Areas – Spring Cohort Facts and Special Business Area (e.g., Special Business Area contains a number of tables used to produce PMP indicators).

This spreadsheet is a work in progress. In particular, many of the item descriptions are missing, but they will be filled in over time.

The basic list of fields should be useful in helping analysts understand what items are available and how to locate them. You can search any of the worksheets in this documentation file. Please read the README page first.