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The Office of Undergraduate Studies, Academic Programs & Policy provides leadership and resources for academic program development and policy, curriculum design, international education, undergraduate studies, faculty development, and best educational practices to improve student learning. The Office supports policy and practice aimed at improving student learning outcomes, increasing retention and graduation rates and providing high quality academic programs. Areas of focus include: academic program oversight and review; working with K-12 partners to improve college readiness; improving success rates in CUNY’s developmental education programs; expanding high impact, evidence-based practices in the first year and beyond; easing transfer across CUNY colleges; conducting general education evaluation; and supporting efforts to improve pedagogy across disciplines.

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CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies
CUNY BA offers students the opportunity to work with faculty mentors and academic advisers to design a unique BA or BS degree that takes advantage of courses, programs, and resources across the entire university. Learn more about how CUNY BA allows highly motivated, self-directed students to pursue academic goals that transcend traditional majors.

Contact Us

Lucinda R. Zoe
University Dean and Vice Provost for Academic Programs & Policy

Erin Croke
Director of Undergraduate Educational Policy

Mari Watanabe
Director of Undergraduate Education Initiatives and Research

Michael Guy
Interim University Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies

Ekaterina Sukhanova
University Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Kenneth Norz
University Director of Academic Affairs

Kim Holland
International Education Manager

Ruth Kamona
University Director, International Student and Scholar Services

Jenny Auerbach
International Education Specialist

Karyna Pryiomka
Research Analyst

Elena Kopaleichvili
Special Assistant to the International Education Manager

Zhanna Kushmakova
Assistant to the University Dean for Undergraduate Studies


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