Developmental Education at CUNY

Strong foundations in reading, writing, and mathematics are essential for college success. New college students are often fully prepared for rigorous learning experiences, but some benefit from additional preparation. Developmental education (sometimes called remediation) is one way students can reinforce their basic skills. Across CUNY, there are many forms of developmental education including short workshops and semester-length classes. They are offered at many times throughout the year, and some of the programs are low- or no-cost. Developmental education is a key to making progress toward earning a degree.

University Skills Immersion Programs (USIP)

Immersion programs provide students with opportunities to complete developmental education through intensive workshops and courses. While most of the USIP programs are offered before the fall semester starts, they are also offered between or during semesters. Since 1985, CUNY immersion programs have been offered tuition free to students who need additional preparation in reading, writing, and mathematics. The Office of Undergraduate Studies convenes the coordinators of CUNY’s developmental immersion programs to share expertise, resources, and best practices across the colleges. We are expanding evidence-based practice, evaluating our interventions, and reviewing CUNY’s policies concerning immersion and other developmental programs.

Resources and Reports