In Fall 2013, CUNY implemented the Pathways initiative across its undergraduate colleges. Pathways has established a new system of general education requirements and new transfer guidelines across CUNY–and by doing so has reinforced CUNY’s educational excellence while easing student transfer between CUNY colleges.

General Education Requirements

CUNY’s new general education framework is a central feature of Pathways. It lays out requirements that undergraduate students across CUNY must meet. Importantly, it also guarantees that general education requirements fulfilled at one CUNY college will be carry over seamlessly if a student transfers to another CUNY college.

Through the three elements of this framework–the Required Common Core, the Flexible Common Core, and, for students in bachelor’s degree programs, the College Option Requirement–CUNY seeks to provide students with well-rounded knowledge, a critical appreciation of diverse cultural and intellectual traditions, an interest in relating the past to the complex world in which students live today, and the ability to help society create a fresh and enlightened future. The framework allows students to explore knowledge from various perspectives and to develop their critical abilities to read, write, and use language and symbol systems effectively. It also develops students’ intellectual curiosity and commitment to lifelong learning.

The flexibility of the Common Core framework enables each CUNY college to maintain its distinctive character. So, too, does the College Option, which allows colleges to specify 6-12 additional credits of general education coursework that bachelor’s degree students must complete.

Gateway Courses Into Majors

Faculty committees representing several popular transfer majors at CUNY have designated a minimum of three common and transferable courses that will be required of all students in those majors. Students anticipating majors in these fields can begin their coursework at any CUNY college with the assurance that if they transfer to another CUNY college, their prior coursework will count toward their continued pursuit of that major.

How Credits Transfer

By creating a general education framework that applies to all CUNY undergraduates, and by establishing gateway courses into several popular majors, the Pathways initiative has significantly improved the ease and efficiency of student transfer between CUNY colleges. Courses taken for general education credit, major credit, and elective credit are guaranteed to transfer.

An Important Note About this Website

This website is intended to provide a general introduction to the central components and practices of the Pathways initiative. Because of the flexibility afforded to each college within this new system, it is very important for students, faculty, and staff to visit the Pathways pages maintained by their individual colleges. Students who entered CUNY prior to Fall 2013 and have the choice of deciding whether to “opt-in” to the Pathways requirements are also encouraged to seek the guidance of an advisor or other on-campus resource to help them make informed decisions.

This website complements the Pathways websites maintained by the colleges. It is very important that students, faculty, and staff consult their own colleges’ websites.