At its meeting of June 27, 2011, Board of Trustees of The City University of New York approved a resolution establishing the Pathways to Degree Completion Initiative (“Pathways”). The initiative is designed to create a curricular structure that will streamline transfers and enhance the quality of general education across the University.

The Pathways Initiative features three central elements.

1) General Education Framework: The resolution calls for a portion of CUNY’s General Education Framework, common to all CUNY colleges, to be called the “Common Core” and to total 30 credits. The other portion of CUNY’s General Education Framework, the portion that is specific to each baccalaureate college, will be called the “College Option,” and will consist of an additional 12 credits.

All CUNY undergraduates will be required to complete the 30-credit Common Core in order to graduate with an A.A., A.S., or baccalaureate degree. All students who satisfactorily complete courses within the Common Core will be certified as having achieved partial or full completion of the Common Core, as appropriate, and that certification will transfer among all CUNY colleges.

All CUNY baccalaureate students will be required to complete 12 College-Option general education credits as well in order to graduate (with exception specified below for students who transfer from associate-to-baccalaureate-degree programs). College-Option general education credits will transfer as such among all CUNY baccalaureate colleges.In addition, all associate-degree students, including A.A.S. students, who transfer to baccalaureate programs will be required to complete the receiving college’s College-Option general education credits depending on the number of credits already completed (detailed in the resolution).

2) Pathways for Largest Transfer Majors: In order to establish clear pathways for the largest transfer majors, the resolution calls for the Chancellor, in consultation with the Council of Presidents, the University Faculty Senate, and the University Student Senate, to convene relevant disciplinary committees of faculty, students, and academic administrators. Each committee will specify no fewer than three and no more than six courses in the major or related fields that will be accepted as prerequisites for such courses by all colleges offering those majors.

3) Full Course Transferability: The resolution calls for all courses taken for credit at an undergraduate CUNY college to be accepted for credit at every other CUNY college (though not necessarily as general education or major credit), regardless of whether a specific equivalency exists at the transfer college, to an extent consistent with grade requirements and residency rules at the transfer colleges. Further, students transferring from outside CUNY will have their courses evaluated expeditiously and will receive credits for general education, major, and elective courses if those courses meet the appropriate learning outcomes. An appeals mechanism will be established by the Chancellor for undergraduate students who wish to appeal denial or restriction of transfer credit.

For more information and to keep apprised of Pathways developments, please visit our Planning Process and Updates pages.