Until July 2011, this site served as the central repository for information on the Pathways initiative. From July 2011 forward, the main site for Pathways information and updates will be located at www.cuny.edu/pathways. This earlier site will remain archived and accessible online.

  • New York State Education Department: “Improving student transfer mechanisms and articulation of programs, creating a more efficient system of higher education in New York State,” is among the issues highlighted in a December 6, 2010 document anticipating the development of the Regents 2012-2020 Statewide Plan for Higher Education.
  • New York State Education Department/New York State Higher Education Services Corporation: Additional information concerning requirements and practices in New York State.
  • New York State Legislature: At a December 14, 2010, hearing convened by the New York State Assembly Committee on Higher Education, Chairwoman Deborah Glick stated: “I would urge the university systems, both CUNY and SUNY, to address this [the transfer credit issue]. Florida dealt with it legislatively. I am not anxious for us to interfere to that extent. I don’t view that as an appropriate role unless I happen to be sitting here five years from now and asking the same questions and getting the same answers. That’s not going to happen.”
  • New York State Commission on Higher Education (CHE): In its Final Report of Findings and Recommendations (June 2008), the CHE issued the following policy recommendation: “Require the SUNY and CUNY Boards to take steps to strengthen course and program articulation and transfer by 2011-2012.” Relevant excerpts have been cited here.
  • University Faculty Senate: In February 2001, the University Faculty Senate adopted the following Statement on General Education/Core Curricula.
  • New York State Education Law, Section 6201 , states, in part, that CUNY has the “responsibility to provide post-secondary education in New York City….The university must remain responsive to the needs of its urban setting and maintain its close articulation between senior and community college units. Where possible, governance and operation of senior and community colleges should be jointly conducted or conducted by similar procedures to maintain the university as an integrated system and to facilitate articulation between units.”
  • New York State Education Law, Section 6204 , states, in part, that “The board of trustees shall govern and administer the city university. The control of the educational work of the city university shall rest soleley in the board of trustees which shall govern and administer all educational units of the city university….”
  • New York State Education Law, Section 6206 , states, in part, that “The board of trustees…shall organize their faculties, shall approve and administer their courses leading to academic, professional and technical certificates, diplomas and degrees….” and that “The board of trustees shall…establish and conduct courses and curricula; prescribe conditions of student admission, attendance and discharge.”

News & Events

CUNY Trustees Act To Streamline Student Transfer Policies And Raise Quality of General Education

The Board of Trustees of The City University of New York today unanimously adopted new transfer policies, including a new general education framework, to assure that students who transfer within CUNY will get credit for courses they’ve already taken within the University.

Improving Student Transfer at CUNY

A Message from Chancellor Goldstein on CUNY’s methods and techniques on aligning the overall aspects of general education and the initial parts of the large transfer majors at CUNY.

Current Policies

  • CUNY policies regarding transfer have been established through Board Resolutions as referenced in the CUNY manual of General Policy and Board of Trustees Minutes (please see attachment) and in CUNY’s Transfer Information and Program Planning System (TIPPS; again, please see attachment).
  • Board of Trustees Bylaw 8.5 also provides a helpful reference.
  • Memoranda from former Executive Vice Chancellor and University Provost Selma Botman on Math and Admissions Standards (December 17, 2007), Reading and Writing Standards for Transfer Applicants (May 7, 2008); and from University Dean David Crook on Guidance on Reading and Writing Proficiency Standards for Transfer Applicants (September 10, 2008).

Remarks by Executive Vice Chancellor and University Provost Alexandra W. Logue, June 27, 2011

“Members of the Board of Trustees of the City University of New York, today you have before you a historic resolution.”

Pathways Resolution

Text of the revised resolution that was approved by the Board of Trustees on June 27, 2011.

Feedback Summary

For three months–from the beginning of February through the end of April 2011–members of the CUNY community were invited to provide feedback on proposed changes in the way in which transfer credits are awarded within the University. The Central Office of Academic Affairs has completed an analysis of this feedback, and a summary is available online.