The Library includes products from curricula to best practice documentation to day-to-day program tools. Populated and curated by CUNY’s Office of Continuing Education and Workforce Development, our hope is that this page can serve as a resource for like-minded programs, initiatives, and offices within and without the CUNY system.

Please browse the items listed below. Files are organized by document type and by the nature of content.

Program Information


CareerPATH Fact Sheet
Quick facts and statistics about CUNY CareerPATH, CUNY’s federally-funded consortium workforce development and occupational training program.

Program Overview
Short overview of CUNY CareerPATH, including program model, industry sectors, and a brief description of the program and its rationale.

CUNY CareerPATH: Implementation and Outcomes Report
Full report on CUNY CareerPATH. Describes program implementation; key aspects of the program; lessons learned and promising practices developed through the program; and final outcomes.

CUNY CareerPATH: Institutional Change
Summary of the institutional impact achieved through CUNY CareerPATH

Resources for Administrators

Program Development

Program Selection/Labor Market Demand Rubric
Quantify occupational demand using multiple data points from several data sources

Alternative Credit Granting Strategies
Sample credit articulation strategies used by CUNY continuing education and workforce development programs

Resources for Instructors and Program Staff


CUNY CareerPATH: Integrated Instruction
Learn about the implementation and utilization of an integrated instruction/co-teaching model combining academic skills education with occupational training

Integrated Instruction Video
Video introduction to the Integrated Instruction model


CUNY CareerPATH: Implementing a Comprehensive Student Support Model
Learn about the implementation of a rigorous, proactive student advisement model for workforce programs and educational programs with aspects of occupational training.

CareerPATH Cohort Needs Assessment
Tabulate common student challenges and interests to help an adviser develop a cohort support strategy

CareerPATH Cohort Needs Assessment Example
Example Needs Assessment with comments

Instructor/Advisor Communication Tool
Excel sheet for an instructor and adviser team to chart student progress

Small Group Advising Unit Plan
Plan for small group advising sessions

Large Group Advising Unit Plan
Plan for large group advising sessions

Job Developers

CUNY CareerPATH: Business Engagement Guide
Read about best practices for engaging with current and potential business partners. Create a business engagement plan, and develop deepening relationships with industry.

Labor Market Information

Career Maps and Sectoral Reports

Maps of actual workers’ career trajectories based on data from real resumes. Each file includes a career map and a companion piece with more information.

Career Map Methodology
Learn about the methodology used to create these essential career advancement tools.

Career Map: Medical Assisting and Beyond

Career Map: Cooks and Restaurants

Career Map: Home Health Aides

Health Care Career Studies

Careers in Health Information
A profile of the health information field for workforce development students and staff

Direct Support Careers in the Developmental Disabilities Field – Executive Summary
Direct Support Careers in the Developmental Disabilities Field – Full

Learn about jobs and career paths supporting people with developmental disabilities. The report combines labor market information, employer interviews, and subject matter experts in this growing field.

Workforce Program Curricula

CUNY CareerPATH: Leadership Skills for College and Career
Build students’ soft skills, confidence, and leadership abilities with this ten-session curriculum. Introduce students to a framework for thinking about their careers and their approach to higher education and hard skills development.

Using Data for Career Choice: The Healthcare Pathway
Four-unit curricula for health care educational programs to use in helping students explore health care careers. Analyze health care careers, prepare students for health care careers using labor market information, and give students an up-close introduction to health care professions.

CUNY CareerPATH Occupational Training Curricula

A subset of CareerPATH curricula created with federal funds and open for use to the public

CLIP Making It In New York

An earlier-level English as a Second Language curriculum about work, occupations and New York City

CUNY Language Immersion Program – Occupational Curricula

English as a Second Language curricula focused on New York City industries


Continuing Education and Workforce Programs Reports

Jobs for New York’s Future
A report of the CUNY Jobs Task Force that examines industry and labor force trends in several industry sectors that are of strategic importance to the University and New York City’s economy

Tech Career Readiness Suite

Guiding Tech Careers
Two complete PowerPoints that provide an overview of the Tech Landscape and the viewing of the NYC Tech Sector through the HR Lens.

Tech Job Search and Tech Interviewing
Complete workshop module including materials that cover Tech Job Search and Tech Interviewing.

Tech Resumes and Cover Letters
Complete workshop module including materials that cover Tech Resumes and Cover Letters.

List of Tech Terms

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