Among the most illustrious of CUNY’s full-time faculty are the Distinguished Professors, a formidable group of elite scholars, researchers, and creative artists who have earned national and international renown in their fields. They work in disciplines that range from anthropology to speech and hearing science, and their artistic fields encompass painting, writing, music, and photography. CUNY’s Distinguished Professors are selected not only for their accomplishments to date, but also for their promise of future achievement. They enrich the world of knowledge and ideas, and they help the University attract inspired students and other accomplished faculty to our academic community

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Sanjoy BanerjeeDr. Sanjoy Banerjee
Distinguished Professor, Chemical Engineering, The City College, Director of the CUNY Energy Institute, charged with developing innovative approaches to sustainable energy.
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Elizabeth NunezElizabeth Nunez
“There are few students of literature and creative writing luckier than those who study with Elizabeth Nunez.”
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Nicholas Freudenberg Nicholas Freudenberg
“With intense convictions and an activist spirit, Dr. Freudenberg is an unrelenting advocate for change in his field.”
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Kimiko Hahn Kimiko Hahn
Distinguished Professor, English, Queens College, author of seven collections of poetry. American Book Award: The Unbearable Heart.
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