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Igor Labutov

College: Macaulay Honors College | City College
Awards: National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, 2010

Aces Covering All the Bases

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships, which provide up to $121,500 to students for advanced study in mathematics and engineering; physical, biological, behavioral and certain social sciences and for research-based PhD degrees in science education, were awarded to four CUNY students for 2010-2013.

Igor Labutov, Macaulay Honors College 2010, will study engineering and systems engineering at the CUNY Graduate Center.

Andrea Marie Balbas, Queens College 2010, will go to the Oregon State University for study in the geosciences.

Joyce Kim, Hunter College 2009, is a first-year PhD student at Columbia University studying computer science. Interested in information security, she will be a research intern this summer at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center's Smarter Cloud Platform Group, focusing on cloud computing security.

Daniel Kulakowski is a biology PhD student at the CUNY Graduate Center. He will investigate the immunomodulatory activity of traditionally used Palauan plants and will study an important medicinal plant as a potential adjuvant in cancer vaccine treatment.