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Stephen Harris

College: Graduate Center
Awards: National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, 2011

A Biological Approach

Stephen Harris is a biology PhD student at the CUNY Graduate Center specializing in ecology, evolutionary biology and behavior. After earning a BS from Ohio State University in 2006 in molecular genetics, he came to New York City as part of the New York City Teaching Fellows Program. From 2007 to 2009, he earned an MA in secondary science education from The City University of New York while teaching science in public schools around New York City.

After graduating, he joined the lab of Jason Munshi-South at Baruch College. He is interested in using genomic data to answer evolutionary questions and is studying the population genomics of the white-footed deer mouse. Specifically, he is interested in how urbanization in New York City may be leading to local adaptation in mice in city parks.

He is also a fellow with the National Science Foundation GK-12 program at CUNY and works at the High School for Environmental Studies setting up a sustainable research program where students use DNA barcoding to catalog biodiversity in New York City. Harris received a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship award in 2011 and will use it to continue genomics research.