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Award-Winner Profiles - Rhodes Scholarship


David Bauer

College: Macaulay Honors College | City College
Awards:Rhodes Scholarship, 2009; Goldwater Scholarship, 2007

The Right Chemistry

David L.V. Bauer, 2009 Rhodes Scholar, is conducting research in clinical medicine at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics at Oxford University.

Robert Molloy

College: City College
Awards:Rhodes Scholarship, 1939

CUNY's 1939 Star

Robert T. Molloy went from City College to Oxford University to Yale Law School.

Lisette Nieves

College: Brooklyn College
Awards:Rhodes Scholarship, 1992; Truman Scholarship, 1991

Community Minded

Lisette Nieves, Rhodes Scholar and Truman Scholar, works to empower young people to succeed academically and in careers.

Raymond Paretzky

College: Queens College
Awards:Rhodes Scholarship, 1983

Laying Down the Law

Raymond Paretzky, a 1983 Rhodes Scholar, practices international law in Washington, D.C.

Eugene Shenderov

College: Brooklyn College
Awards:Rhodes Scholarship, 2005

From Chernobyl to Cancer Research

Eugene Shenderov, a graduate of Brooklyn College, was a 2005 Rhodes Scholarship recipient. He is working on his doctorate in immunology, with a specialty in cancer research, at the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine.

Lev Sviridov

College: City College
Awards:Rhodes Scholarship, 2005

Making Scholarship a Science

Lev A. Sviridov used his 2005 Rhodes Scholarship to pursue a master of science degree to conduct research in inorganic chemistry, focusing on the crystalline properties of aerosols.