We provide this Guide for prospective students to answer some of the most commonly asked questions you may have as you search for a program suitable for your needs. In some cases, you can link to additional, more detailed information. Please feel free to contact us if any questions remain.

What Is CIDR and Its Relationship to Graduate Training?

The CUNY Institute for Demographic Research (CIDR) was created by the City University of New York to foster demographic research and facilitate interaction among demographers throughout the CUNY system. Most doctoral programs are located at the CUNY Graduate Center (at 34th Street and 5th Avenue). Courses for the Certificate Program in Demography are taught there by CIDR-affiliated faculty. Please click here for further information. CIDR’s offices are located a short distance (22nd Street and Lexington Avenue) from the Graduate Center.

Who Are the CIDR-Affiliated Faculty?

CIDR faculty associates and affiliates bring a wide array of academic backgrounds to demography. It is a field that is very much interdisciplinary in character and our faculty hold doctoral degrees in a range of fields that include, for example, sociology, economics, public health, and political science. A list of our faculty may be found here, with links to further details about each of them.

What Degree Programs Are Available?

Prospective graduate students must apply to any one of the many doctoral programs located at the CUNY Graduate Center. These might include, for example, Sociology, Economics, Public Health, Political Science, History, Earth & Environmental Sciences, or Anthropology.

Where Does the Certificate in Demography Fit In?

Once enrolled in a doctoral program at the Graduate Center, any student in good standing may take demography courses. The Certificate Program in Demography consists of 15 credit hours in total, nine of which are required and six of which are electives. The certificate is earned en route to the Ph.D. in the student’s discipline.

What Courses Are Available in the Certificate of Demography Program?

Nine of the 15 credit hours, in the form of three three-credit core courses, are required for the certificate: one course that serves as an introduction to the substance and methods of demography and two courses that examine in depth the methodological tools that demographers use in their research. The remaining six credit hours are for electives of special interest to the student. These are a variety of three-credit and one-credit hour courses, focusing on areas such as economic demography, spatial demography, immigration, demography of the life course, mortality, fertility, and biodemography, among many others.

What Are the Research Interests of CIDR Faculty?

The CUNY demography faculty conduct research on a great number of subjects spanning many regions of the world. Topics of interest include, for example, the impact of climate change on population distribution, the demographic impact of forced migration, the modeling of mortality, marriage, and divorce patterns, the impact of policy on the use of abortion, and the relationship between biomarkers and self-rated health and mortality. Please click here for a summary of each CIDR faculty member’s research interests.

Where/How Should I Apply?

To earn a Certificate in Demography, you must be enrolled as a doctoral student in one of the many disciplines represented at the CUNY Graduate Center. A prospective student should apply to the program of his/her choice, the application deadlines for which are located here.

Is Funding Available?

Select students will be awarded fellowships in demography, which consist of full tuition, fees, and a stipend for up to five years. As part of your application, you should mention your interest in a fellowship and discuss in some depth your interest and background in the field of demography. The awarding of fellowships in students’ fourth and fifth years is also contingent upon demonstrated progress on demographically-oriented doctoral dissertations (as determined by the Coordinator of the certificate program). Further, the awarding of the certificate to students receiving fellowships is contingent upon the completion of a sufficiently demographically-oriented doctoral dissertation.

What are Tuition Costs? And May I Attend Part-time?

Tuition costs vary by residency status, full/part time status, and whether one has been advanced to candidacy. Details are available here. Many students at the Graduate Center study part-time. The above mentioned fellowships are available to full-time students only, but part-time students may avail themselves of other funding opportunities.

May I Visit CIDR and the CUNY Graduate Center?

Indeed, we encourage you to visit. Please contact Neil G. Bennett to arrange your visit.

Whom Should I Contact if I Have Any Questions?

Please feel free to e-mail or call Professor Neil G. Bennett, Director of CIDR, or Professor Shiro Horiuchi, Coordinator of the Certificate Program in Demography, if you have any questions about the program. A short form to express your interest and receive feedback can be found here.