Demography Courses Spring 2019

Spatial Demography – DCP 80300/SOC 81900
GC: W, 4:15 pm – 6:15 pm, 3 credits, Professor Deborah Balk

This course provides an overview of spatial themes and techniques in demography. Examples will be drawn from many substantive areas (e.g., mortality, fertility, urbanization, migration, poverty). Students will learn about the spatial construction of place, basic mapping skills and spatial data creation as well as statistical methods to explore and model spatially-referenced data to answer demographic (and allied) questions. In the most advanced topics, students examine the special difficulties that spatial data may create for standard regression approaches, and learn models and approaches for undertaking multivariate regression analysis in the presence of spatial heterogeneity and/or spatial dependence. Emphasis in the course is evenly split between learning how to make maps and spatial analysis. Pre-requisite: Introductory statistics including multiple linear regression, or permission of instructor.

Advanced Methods of Demographic Analysis – DCP 80100/SOC 81900
GC: M, 4:15 pm – 6:15 pm, 3 credits, Professor Shiro Horiuchi

In this course we study advanced methods of demographic analysis. They are widely used in research on mortality, fertility, nuptiality, migration, population composition, and other demographic processes, but many of them can also be applied to a broad range of topics in other areas of the social sciences and biomedical sciences. Those methods include life table techniques (multiple-decrement and multi-state), decomposition analysis, age-period-cohort models, Lee-Carter model, Lexis map analysis, smoothing and non-parametric regression techniques, event history analysis (with demographic emphasis), acceleration rates, and mathematical models of population dynamics. Computer exercises using R are included. Prerequisites: Introductory statistics including multiple linear regression, or permission of instructor. No background in calculus or matrix algebra, or no previous experience in R is required.

Fall 2019 courses:
DCP 70100 Introduction to Demography
Another course, TBA

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