Demography Courses Spring 2018

Social Demography and Geographies of the Disadvantaged – 38157 – DCP 80300/SOC 81100
GC: W, 11:45 am – 1:45 pm, 3 credits, Professor Jeremy Porter

In this course we will examine the role of “place” as social geographies which relates to containers of
populations. In particular, we are interested in the social geographies of disadvantage. We will
explore theoretical treatments and popular sources of data in the analysis of disadvantaged
populations. We will also be introduced to ways that public policies, institutional practices and spatial
perceptions become institutionalized and influence local contexts to maintain disadvantage. Students
in the course will work with data from the US Census Bureau, Centers for Disease Control, and other
administrative population level data sources. In addition, students will be introduced to a series of
open source software packages commonly used in the application of methods associated with the
examination of disadvantaged populations/individuals in localized contexts. Methodological
applications include Multilevel modeling (could be listed as HLM), Geographically Weighted
Regression (GWR), Spatial Regression, and an introduction to Spatio-Temporal Analyses. Prerequisite:
Introductory statistics including multiple linear regression.


Fall 2018 courses (planned):
DCP 70100 Introduction to Demography (Professor Na Yin)

DCP 70200 Methods of Demographic Analysis (Professor Frank Heiland)

Spring 2019 courses (planned):
DCP 80100 Advanced Methods of Demographic Analysis (Professor Shiro Horiuchi)

DCP 80300 Spatial Demography (Professor Deborah Balk)

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