Computing Environment

Working with CUNY Computing and Information Services (CUNY CIS) and the Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC), CIDR offers hardware, software and data services support to its associates, affiliates, and fellows. With an account obtained through the computing director, researchers can access CIDR’s resources both onsite at its Baruch College offices, and remotely via VPN.

Generally no approval beyond a CUNY/Baruch ID is required, and the administrative and computing directors are available to assist researchers who want to access CIDR’s resources


Workstation computers are available to researchers on a scheduled basis at CIDR’s offices. All computers are equipped with a suite of CUNY and CIDR licensed software including: SPSS, SAS, Stata, R, Mathematica, Maple, ArcGIS, and QGIS. Windows 7 is the predominant operating system on CIDR workstations, but Linux and Mac OS support is also available.

All workstations are connected to color printers capable of printing in nearly all sizes, including posters.

File and Application Servers

CIDR maintains a file server with space dedicated to individual users, collaborative projects, and archival data storage. Authorized users can access this server remotely via VPN or secure FTP.

An application server offers additional computing resources in the form of virtual machines which may be accessed locally or remotely. These can be customized to suit individual user preferences, and used for computationally intensive operations, or jobs that need to run independently overnight or longer. Windows or Linux VM’s are supported.

Data Storage and Access

The computing director assists researchers to acquire both publicly available and restricted use data. Publicly available data can be downloaded on request and stored on CIDR’s file server. The computing director assists with composing applications and data contracts for restricted use data. CIDR’s computing infrastructure can support most encryption methods and security protocols required by restricted use data providers.

Computer and Software Purchases

The computing director is available to CIDR researchers for consultation and assistance regarding hardware and software purchases. The director maintains relationships with all CUNY vendors, and can obtain quotes for purchases at CUNY discount rates, which may be used on any CUNY campus. Tax-levy purchases typically must be processed through the researcher’s home campus, Research Foundation purchases for grants that CIDR administers can be processed directly by CIDR. The computing and administrative directors can assist with both kinds of purchases, as well as with developing the technology sections of grant applications.

Programming Support

The computing director offers database and statistical programming support on a limited basis. Researchers who can articulate clear requirements/functional specifications for database systems or programming tasks are encouraged to contact the director.

Other CUNY Resources

CIDR researchers and staff maintain relationships with a variety of other CUNY research agencies, and can serve as liaisons to the following CUNY services:

Please contact Computing Director, James Howell for more information about CIDR computing resources.