Session Papers and Discussants

Methods and Measurement in Population, Development, and Environment Research

Spatially Non-Stationary Associations Between Childhood Diarrhea and Socio-Economic, Climatic, and Environmental Risk Factors in West Africa: A Geographically Weighted Poisson Regression Approach

Gillian Dunn


Social Environment and Chronic Disease

Urbanization and Health: Changes in the Built-Environment, Biomarkers and Health Outcomes in East Africa

Deborah Balk, Carrie Mills


Spatio-Temporal Dimensions and Livelihood Implications of Environmental Migration

Urbanization and Vulnerability to Flooding in Bangladesh

Deborah Balk, Zhen Liu


Caregiver Wellbeing

The Impact of Demographic Change on Transfers in the Form of Caregiving and on the Associated Well-Being

Emilio Zagheni, Denys Dukhovnov


Biodemography, Health, and Mortality

Jennifer Dowd, Discussant


Population Perspectives on Cognitive Function and Mental Health

The Early Life Origins of the Relationship Between Midlife Obesity and Cognitive Functioning in Later Life

Jennifer Dowd, Pamela Herd


Consequences of Health Behaviors in Later Life

Is Obesity Becoming More Disabling over Time? Evidence from the NHANES 1988–2012

Virginia Chang, Dawn Alley, Jennifer Dowd


Formation and Dissolution of Same-Sex Marriages

Comparative Couple Stability: Same- and Opposite-Sex Unions in the United States

Eric Ketcham, Neil Bennett


Intersectionality in Population Research

Yana Kucheva, Discussant


Spatial Analysis of Poverty and Race in New York City Public Housing Projects

Duygu Başaran Şahin


Residential Segregation

Black Pioneers, Inter-Metropolitan Movers, and Housing Desegregation

Yana Kucheva


Migration and Economic Well-Being

Guillermo Yrizar Barbosa, Discussant


Race/Ethnicity and Health Disparities

Racial and Ethnic Differences in Self-Reported Work Disability

Na Yin


Access to Higher Education

Measuring College Access and Its Effect on Economic Opportunity

Timothy Roeper


The Tradeoff Between Caregiving and Employment

Joint Retirement: Evidence from a Delayed Retirement Policy in the Netherlands

Alice Zulkarnain


Poster Sessions

Migration, Urbanization, Population, Development, and Environment

What Is Urban? Comparing Estimates of Urban People with Estimates of Urban Land

Deborah Balk, Bryan Jones, Denys Dukhovnov, et. al.


Uneven Assimilation: The Muslim–American Trajectory

Mehdi Bozorgmehr, Eric Ketcham


Assessing Geographic Dispersion and Limited Inclusion in New York City: DACA and the MIDA

Guillermo Yrizar Barbosa, Robert Smith, Holly Reed


Data, Methods, Families, and Unions

The Social Ecology of Voting in New York City, a Multi-Method Approach to Voting Frequency in New York City, 2013

Annette Jacoby


Economy, Labor Force Participation, Education, and Inequality

Undocumented in Higher Education: Legal Status and Educational Outcomes at CUNY

Amy Hsin, Holly Reed, Shige Song


Intergenerational Impacts on Health and Demographic Events

Who Takes Care of Whom in the U.S.? Evidence from Matrices of Time Transfers by Age and Sex
Denys Dukhovnov
, Emilio Zagheni

Measurement in Population and Environment

How Well Do Household Data Characterize Individual Undernourishment? Evidence from Bangladesh
Anna D’Souza

Population and Geopolitics

Chair: Neil Bennett

Retirement, Retirement Age, and Work in Later Adulthood

The Delayed Retirement Credit (Doorwerkbonus) and Labor Supply in the Netherlands
Alice Zulkarnain

Social Contexts and Adolescent Well-Being

The Gender Gap and Asian American Achievement
Amy Hsin

Social and Educational Effects of Migration on Host Societies

Friend Culture: Does Diversity Lead to Diverse Friendships? Predictors of Ethnically and Racially Diverse Friendships
Annette Jacoby, Jeremy Porter

Obesity in Developing Nations: Determinants and Consequences

Health in Context: Urbanization, Weight Gain, and Future Health in Indonesia
Alka Dev
, Jennifer Brite, Deborah L. Balk, Frank Heiland

Gender, Families, and Time Use

Discussant: Amy Hsin

Patterns of Time Transfers between Generations and Genders
Gabriel Movsesyan, Emily Zagheni

Demography of Disability among Persons of Working Ages

Work Limitation Reporting and Disability Programs in Europe and the U.S.
Na Yin, Frank Heiland

Reproductive Health and Fertility over Time

Early Fertility Decline and Sex Imbalance in Rural China
Shige Song, et al.

Migration Data and Estimation

Understanding Internal Migration to Urban Areas: Evidence from Censuses and Surveys from the Developing World
Deborah Balk, et al.

The Measurement and Demography of Poverty

Health Care Reform, Health Insurance Benefits and Poverty Measurement: The Impact of Health Care Reform on Poverty in Massachusetts
Sanders Korenman, Dahlia Remler

Poster Sessions

Marriage, Unions, Families, and Households

Living in Limbo: The Unsolved Mystery of the Racial Gap in the Duration of Marital Separation
Timothy Roeper, Neil Bennett

A Broader View of the Economic Consequences of Divorce
Timothy Roeper, Neil Bennett

Data and Methods/Applied Demography/ Spatial Demography/ Demography of Crime

Which Contexts Count? A Multilevel Approach to the Analysis of the Social Ecology of Voting in New York City 2013
Annette Jacoby, John Mollenkopf

Fertility Intentions and Behaviors

Son Preference, Fertility Decline and Non-Missing Girls of Turkey
Onur Altindag

“Wan, Xi, Shao” vs. Sent-Down: What Caused the Chinese Fertility Decline in the 1970s?
Shige Song

Children and Youth/Population and Aging

Black-White Mortality Crossover at Old Age: New Evidence from the National Longitudinal Mortality Study
Duygu Başaran Şahin

Predicting Public School Students at Risk for Standardized Testing Failure
Jennifer Brite, et al.

Health and Mortality of Women, Children and Families

Parental Influence on Child Diet and Weight Outcomes
Noura E. Insolera

Economy, Labor Force, Education, and Inequality/Gender, Race and Ethnicity

Economic Inequality, Social Safety Nets, and Distributional Outcomes: Understanding the Stratified Nature of Redistribution Mechanisms in the U.S., 1990-2012
Janet Gornick, et al.

Investigating the Refugee Health Disadvantage among U.S. Immigrants
Guillermo Yrizar Barbosa, Holly Reed

Balk, Deborah

Bennett, Neil

Brite, Jennifer

Dev, Alka

Dowd, Jennifer

Edwards, Ryan

Gornick, Janet

Heiland, Frank

Horiuchi, Shiro

Jacoby, Annette

Jones, Bryan

Ketcham, Eric

Korenman, Sanders

Movsesyan, Gabriel

Nell, Emily

Porter, Jeremy

Reed, Holly

Remler, Dahlia

Roeper, Timothy

Roff, Jennifer

Romero, Diana

Song, Shige

Yin, Na

Zagheni, Emilio

Zulkarnain, Alice