Date: Fridays
Time: 12:30 – 2:30 PM
Location: Baruch College

Spring 2019

Dr. Dean Spears
Assistant Professor, Economics, University of Texas at Austin and
Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi
“Heat, Humidity, and Infant Mortality in the Developing World”
02/01/19, 12:30 – 2:30pm
Baruch College, VC 14-280
55 Lexington Ave
Dr. Susan Wendy Parker
Professor, University of Maryland, School of Public Policy
03/15/19, 12:30 – 2:30pm
Baruch College, Newman Hall, Oak Room (room 203)
137 East 22nd St, 2nd Fl
Dr. Laura D. Lindberg, Sheila Desai, M.P.H.
Guttmacher Institute
“Completeness of Abortion Reporting in Three National Surveys in the United States”
05/03/19, 12:30 – 2:30pm
Baruch College, Newman Hall, Oak Room (room 203)
137 East 22nd St, 2nd Fl

Fall 2018

Dr. Shelley Clark
James McGill Professor of Sociology
“Can Subsidized Early Child Care Promote Women’s Employment? Evidence from a Slum Settlement in Africa”
10/19/18, 12:30 – 2:30pm
Baruch College, Newman Hall, Oak Room (room 203)
137 East 22nd Street

Non-Baruch ID holders must RSVP in advance to gain access to the building
Dr. Kathryn Grace
Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Environment and Society, University of Minnesota
“Considering the linkages between climate and health: A focus on women’s and children’s health in sub-Saharan Africa”
11/02/18, 12:30 – 2:30pm
Baruch College, Newman Hall, Oak Room (room 203)
137 East 22nd Street
Non-Baruch ID holders must RSVP in advance to gain access to the building

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Past Seminars

10/28/16 Leiwen Jiang, Earth Science Laboratory, National Center for Atmospheric Research, “Demographic Determinants of Urban Growth in India, Mexico, and the US”
11/11/16 Julien Teitler, Columbia University, “Income Disparities in Objective and Subjective Indicators of Health Over the Lifecourse”
12/02/16 Sajeda Amin, Population Council, “The Impact of adolescent’s skills building programs on child marriage in Bangladesh”
02/17/17 Robert Kaestner, University of California at Riverside, “Early Childhood Health Shocks and Adult Wellbeing: Evidence from Wartime Britain”
03/10/17 Haidong Wang, University of Washington School of Public Health, “Estimating age specific mortality for the Global Burden of Disease project: A new relational model life table system”
04/07/17 Lois Verbrugge, University of Michigan, “Disability Experience and Measurement”
10/16/15 Joseph Salvo and Peter Lobo, NYC Dept. of City Planning,“What is the current population of NYC?”
11/13/15 Elizabeth Wrigley-Field, “The Black-White Mortality Crossover: What can we learn about inequality”
12/04/15 Livia Montana, Harvard University, “Dynamics of aging in Africa: The prevalence of diabetes, metabolic syndrome, HIV and associated social and biological risk factors in South Africa, Tanzania and Ghana”
02/26/16 Eric Klinenberg, New York University, “Going Solo”
03/18/16 Benjamin Cerf, U.S. Census Bureau, “Characteristics of Likely-Transgender Individuals in Administrative Records and the 2010 Census”
05/06/16 Joseph Lariscy, “Hispanic-White Differences in Lifespan Variability”
09/19/14 Lawrence Finer, Guttmacher Institute, “Demography of contraceptive use, unintended pregnancy and abortion.”
10/24/14 Michael White, Brown University, “Immigrant Assimilation Then and Now”
11/14/14 Sheldon Danziger, Russell Sage Foundation, “After the Great Recession: Poverty, Inequality and Public Policies”
01/30/15 Aliya Saperstein, Stanford University, “Making the Most of Multiple Measures: Disentangling the Effects of Racial Self-identification and Classification by Others in Studies of Inequality”
03/06/15 Zai Liang, SUNY Albany, “Understanding the Puzzle of ‘Shortage of Migrant Labor’ in the Pearl River Delta Region in China”
05/08/15 Ann Blanc, Population Council, “Age Patterns of Maternal Mortality and the Quality of Maternal Health Care”
09/27/13 Duncan Thomas, Duke University, “The Impact of a Natural Disaster on Child Health”
10/25/13 Adam Storeygard, Tufts University, “Has Climate Change Promoted Urbanization in Sub-Saharan Africa?”
12/13/13 John Wilmoth, United Nations, “Trends in international migration and the recent discussion of migration issues at the United Nations”
02/21/14 Emilio Zagheni, Queens College, “Using digital records to study international and internal migration patterns”
03/21/14 Mark J. VanLandingham, Tulane University, “The Evolution and Limits of post-Disaster Resilience within an Immigrant Enclave: Vietnamese Americans in post-Katrina New Orleans”
05/16/14 Rachel E. Goldberg, Princeton University, “Smartphone Study of Teen Relationships: Anatomy of a Pilot”
09/21/12 Ann Morning, New York University, “Racial Conceptualization and Census Classification”
10/26/12 Soohyung Lee, University of Maryland-College Park, “Brides for Sale: Cross-order Marriages and Female Immigration”
11/02/12 Stephen Matthews, Pennsylvania State University, “Space, place & health: Methods and musings on the challenges of studying the connections between people and places.”
02/15/13 Leah VanWey, Brown University, “Climate Variability and Out-Migration from Rural Mexico”
04/19/13 Ryan Masters, Columbia University, “Economic Conditions during Early Life and Later-life Mortality Risk in the United States”
05/17/13 Adam Storeygard, Tufts University, postponed to 10/25/13
10/14/11 Lowell Taylor, Carnegie Mellon University, “The Impact of the Great Migration on Mortality of African American: Evidence from the Deep South”
10/21/11 Don Treiman, UCLA
11/11/11 Kara Joyner, Bowling Green State University, “Quality of Male Fertility Data in Major U.S. Surveys”
12/09/11 Florencia Torche, New York University, “The effect of drug-related homicides on birth outcomes: Selectivity, exposure, and behavioral responses”
03/16/12 Daniel Lichter, Cornell University, “Shifting Ethnoracial Boundaries: New Hispanic Settlement Patterns and Demographic Change”
04/20/12 Stefania Albanesi, Columbia University, “Maternal Health and Fertility”
11/05/10 Alison Buttenheim, University of Pennsylvania, “Building back better? Evaluating post-disaster relief and recovery programs”
12/03/10 Gunther Fink, Harvard School of Public Health, “Micro-economic foundation of the demographic dividend”
12/10/10 David Hacker, SUNY Binghamton, “Adaptation or innovation? The onset of the fertility transition in the US”
02/04/11 Emilio Parrado, University of Pennsylvania, “How high is Hispanic/Mexican fertility in the U.S.? Immigration and tempo considerations”
04/08/11 Lena Edlund, Columbia University, “The Kindness of Strangers: Adopted Girls in China”
04/15/11 Noreen Goldman, Princeton University, “Hispanic Health: Puzzles and Paradoxes”
10/09/09 Andrew Mason, University of Hawaii, “Population Aging and the Generational Economy”
10/16/09 Narayan Sastry, University of Michigan, “The Effects of Hurricane Katrina on the Population of New Orleans”
12/04/09 Nancy Luke, Brown University, “Gender, Caste, and Household Bargaining in South India”
02/19/10 Patrick Gerland, United Nations, “International forensic population estimations: challenges and analytical strategies to reconstruct national demographic trends and levels since 1950 for 230 countries/areas”
04/09/10 John Hobcraft, University of York, “Predictive factors from age 3 and infancy for poor child outcomes at age 5: evidence from the Millennium Cohort Study”
04/23/10 Terry Hull, Australian National University, “Measuring and Mis-measuring Millennium Development Goals: Lessons from Indonesia”
10/24/08 Warren Sanderson SUNY Stony Brook, “Rethinking Age and Aging”
12/19/08 Sam Preston, University of Pennsylvania, “American Mortality, 1950-2030″
02/13/09 Joel Cohen, Rockefeller University, “International Migration: A Statistical Model for Use in Population Projections”
02/20/09 Shelly Lundberg, University of Washington, “Non-Cognitive Attributes and Family Outcomes”
05/08/09 Vida Maralani, Yale University, “Family Processes and Changing Educational Gradients in Smoking”
05/15/09 Nancy Landale, Penn State University, “Why do Immigrant Youth who Never Enroll in U.S. Schools Matter? An Examination of School Enrollment Among Mexican and Non-Hispanic Whites”
10/12/07 David Bloom, Harvard University, “Global Demographic Change: Dimensions of Economic Change”
10/19/07 Scott Lynch, Princeton University, “The changing role of socioeconomic status in explaining black-white disparities in healthy life over the last three decades”
12/07/07 Mark Montgomery, Population Council and SUNY-Stonybrook, “Forecasting city growth in poor countries: Comparing classical and Bayesian methods”
02/15/08 Hans-Peter Kohler, University of Pennsylvania, “Expectations, Networks and Interventions: Research on HIV/AIDS in Malawi”
03/07/08 John Bongaarts, Population Council, “The Evolution of the Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic” Read the paper on which this seminar is based: “Late marriage and the HIV epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa”
04/18/08 PAA in New Orleans
05/09/08 Myron Gutmann, University of Michigan and Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research, “Household and Farm Transitions in Environmental Context”