Craig Newmark Graduate School Of Journalism At CUNY offers a top-notch, affordable education teaching traditional journalism values while preparing students to thrive in a rapidly changing media landscape.

As the profession reinvents itself for the digital age, the CUNY J-School is at the forefront of equipping the next generation of journalists with the tools to find stories and tell them effectively — using print, broadcast, visual, interactive, and social media.

Just as importantly, our faculty of seasoned, award-winning journalists is preparing students to re-imagine how journalism is practiced so they can help lead the changes underway.

The School offers three master’s degree programs: a Masters of Arts in Journalism, the nation’s first M.A. in Entrepreneurial Journalism and the nation’s first M.A. in Social Journalism.

The more traditional M.A. in Journalism features a rigorous three-semester curriculum that teaches the eternal verities of the profession — reporting, writing, critical thinking, and ethics — alongside the digital media skills every journalism needs today. This full-time program offers study in five subject concentrations that allow students to delve more deeply into a beat or content area. Every student also graduates with on-the-job experience, through a unique required summer internship that the School guarantees will be paid.

The four-semester M.A. in Entrepreneurial Journalism program aims to help its graduates bring much-needed innovation to the news business. Students pursuing this degree study the fundamentals of reporting, writing, and multimedia for three semesters and, in their fourth semester, participate in a comprehensive course of study that focuses on innovative approaches to journalism, business fundamentals, contemporary technology skills, and new business models for news. By the end of the term, each student will develop his or her own startup project, in close consultation with faculty advisers and expert mentors.

The one-year M.A. in Social Journalism is aimed at helping future leaders in news recast journalism as a service that helps communities meet their goals and solve problems, using a wide range of new tools and skills involving relationship-building, data, social media, and business.

Our students reflect the ethnic, economic, and international diversity of the world, and they take pride in digging out stories about people and neighborhoods in New York City often overlooked in the media.

In our state-of-the-art facility just off Times Square, the Craig Newmark Graduate School Of Journalism At CUNY is learning and teaching change.