The purposes of This Committee are to assist the Board of Trustees in fulfilling its oversight of (1) the integrity of the University’s financial statements, including its independent auditors’ qualifications and independence, (2) internal and external audit, (3) the University’s system of internal controls, (4) the University’s risk management, and (5) the University’s compliance with laws, regulations and policies.

  • Hon. Jill O’ Donnell-Tormey, Chair
  • Hon. Fernando Ferrer, Vice Chair
  • Hon. Henry T. Berger
  • Hon. Mayra Linares-Garcia
  • Hon. Charles A. Shorter
  • Prof. Martin Burke, Faculty Representative
  • Prof. Philip Pecorino, Faculty Alternate
  • Mr. Wali Ullah, Student Representative





October 9, 2018
CAPPR Meeting
October 9, 2018
CAPPR Agenda
October 9, 2018
CAPPR Disposition
June 25, 2018
CAPPR Minutes
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