This Committee reviews the qualifications for appointment, promotion and tenuring of faculty members, including procedures for Waiver of Bylaws for academic personnel actions. It examines future policy for the disposition of faculty and covers faculty and staff relations and collective bargaining, legal matters, Bylaws provisions relating to the administration of the University, the governance of the University and its units, Waivers of Bylaws for non-academic personnel actions, the review and monitoring of affirmative action and diversity plans and guidelines, the review of senior appointments at the colleges, all administrative procedures and policies related to the administrative operations of the University and its colleges.

  • Hon. Lorraine A. Cortés-Vázquez, Chair
  • Hon. Ken Sunshine, Vice Chair
  • Hon. Kevin D. Kim
  • Hon. Michael Arvanites
  • Prof. Kerin Coughlin, faculty representative
  • Prof. Jason Young, faculty alternate
  • Ms. Beverly Emers, student representative
  • Mr. Yssed (David) Tobo, student alternate